Thursday, August 10, 2006


O world,
Come and see us.
We-who are part placenta,
Part unformed legs and arms,
We- who were once hearts
Beating with our mothers’ blood.

We speak from a newspaper cutting,
From deep down the well,
Where the patriarchs threw us-
Snapping the bond between our mothers and us.

Women-our mothers
Women-the nurses murdering us
Women-the doctors supervising the murders.

Look at these men,
These Grown up men.
They still want to be secure before they reach us
-the dead daughters.
Look at the ropes tied around their waists
Like umbilical cords,
Who thought of our security?

Trembling will be the hands that take our bodies
Part by part
From out of the well.
Trembled must have hands
That threw us into this well-
To die an alone, unthinking, unfeeling death in the dark.

Who will hold a candle to us-
On this rakhri ????


The doctors or the so-called doctors responsible for this gory happening should be given an exemplary punishment, no less than death-death by hanging-if possible hanging in public.

Yesterday 16 lakh boys looked for solace in the rakhris tied on their wrists by their cousins or other relatives because they do not have any sisters of their own. My daughter’s class has only 19 girls in the total strength of 55. (she is 8 and a half). And I remember, girls used to far outnumber the boys when we were in school-in the 80’s. What an advanced environment we are going to give our children !!

I am reminded of an old song with rather crude words (surely not cruder than the treatment meted out to these unborn daughters)-

Naaley mundey ranna bhaaldey,
Naaley kudian jamman toh dardey.

(Boys want wives; but they are afraid to father girls)

Why don’t we understand that an imbalance created in the male female ratio today will lead to social and marital anarchy tomorrow? Let nature prevail! Let her not be interrupted.

Listen to those cries from the well, please !!