Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Good Websites

Three months - a frantic run to finish PhD thesis, Mera Daghistan, a change in job and the resultant paper work, (and so many other excuses that I have forgotten now), The Fountainhead, and of course word games . And you thought I have been a real lazy bum in coming back here to update after so long? And I know you all have gone back from my page disappointed (if at all you ever felt like appointed ;) ).

Apart from the above reasons, these three months were spent hibernating. These three months - I discovered yet again that being a parent of an about to be 10-year old is not easy. I have shared her growing pains and suffered some resultant pains on my own person in the process. I have found what the expression "pain in the neck" means, because I am suffering from that - literally and figuratively. I have reawakened to what "apple of my eye" is because both my apples -Rasan and Jai - have been alternatingly sweet and sour and hence enjoyble. Oh boy, I am behaving like that incorrigible doting mother now... And to think I had logged in today to share some good educative websites for practising English Grammar and Language and Mathematics. Here they go.

I found these sites extremely helpful in worksheets for practice at the school level. Because I myself loved playing simple word games on them during the print taking process. My thanks to the creators and the people behind these sites.
It would be so helpful to people like me if you all could share some good websites about kids education.