Sunday, March 09, 2008

And This 9th March

Would that
In these busy days
You were visible, physically...

Watching the time
Come a full circle-
Watching your investments
Returning us dividends-

- Of a healthy
Wholesome life
With children growing
Inch by inch
Every two months.

- Of the faith you taught
Entrenched in our mind
Making possible
An existence
Protected by love.

- Of our own growth
From struggle


- Of Her loneliness
With her wrinkles
Through her smiles

Fourteen years is a lifetime…
But this banwaas for her will not end
For there is no come back of
This Raam.


Anonymous said...

I wish that i had met (y)our daddy once. I though understand the agony & the sorrow that you and (y)our mother shared for all these years, since he left. I always find your physical, psychological and mental resemble with daddy and i discover him by looking at you and your actions. I sometimes think how the things would have been, had he been with us.I think you are the best gift that he gave me and i will be indebted to him for this all my life.

sukhwinder aujla said...

manpreet, very touching poem...
we can see your emotion and deep feeling through your poem...
he is always with you in spirit if not in person..he will forever remain in our thoughts.

God bless

luv, sukhwinder

Anonymous said...

i left my comments earlier but could not appear at a proper place. any how.

Your feelings expressed in your poem and comments by Mahesh have really touched me.

I am to add only that your Dady is always with you when you remember him.

He is always with me when ever I do something on his behalf.

Years come and go but memories are there as fresh as it happened only a day before.

Your words are a true Tribute for him.

I pray to God for your Prosperity.


Sidhusaaheb said...

May the Almighty bring peace upon all departed souls!

Khwaar hoye sab milenge, bache sharan jo hoye... :)

Mai said...

Lovely poem about your deep love for him.

We do miss our dead Daddies, don't we?

Mine died in 1982, age 97,seeing and experiencing all the changes from 1885 till then, mostly the tumultuous 20th century, a strong, proud old Khalsa who, I believe, never gave an inch to anyone.

And also a sweet, kind, loving, understanding, gentle Daddy. Even now when something happens that would have amused, angered, touched, saddened him, my first thought is, 'I need to talk to Daddy about that!' Just for a split second. And from somewhere I hear, 'It's all the Hukam of Vaheguru, Princess.'

And then I see him lying there wearing that ridiculous pink and green and purple spotted turban he insisted on for his funeral, somehow with a look of faint amusement on his face. The turban accomplished its purpose; even now I can't - don't - repress a slight giggle.

The greatest compliment anyone could ever give me is, 'You're just like your father.' I'm still waiting, lol.

Manpreet said...

Thank You Mahesh, for your lovely words about Daddy. Yes, Life would have been different. My only regret is he never got to see the gift that you are to me...
Sukhwinder didi, thanks so much for comments.
Mama, I only wish to see your life made better in whatever way we can.
Sidhusaaheb, thanks for your comments.
Mai Sahib, My only regret is that my father left a little bit too early, when I was all of 20. He was not given enough time to see the family I went to, the kids I m blessed with and the kind of beautiful life I live due to his good deeds and training. But as your dad said, "Its all the hukam of Waheguru..."
...And yes, I am proud to be told that I resemble him. Thanks for your visit here.

Pinku said...

that was so touching and beautiful...and my wholehearted admiration for Mahesh...

Mampi said...

Thanks Pinks, I will convey it to him. He deserves this admiration. So sweet of you to have come this far back on my blog.