Wednesday, May 01, 2013

on the acquittal

I am ashamed 
of living in a country
which rejoices in meting
injustice to my people
which justifies blood
that I am, till today, washing away from those cool marble tiles
with my tears
ever since those tanks crushed the delicate vines
on the floor
ever since the guns thundered inside an epitome of peace
and much before.

I am ashamed
of growing up in times
when I didnt know 
if that random bullet
would strike me
or my turbaned father
or his unturbaned friend
or my conscientious mother
or a random stranger going to his fields.

I am perhaps ashamed 
of growing up at all.

yes, these words make no sense.
Dear Facebook, I wish you hadn't asked again 
what is on my mind.


Life Begins said...

To see you blogging after roughly 2 yrs is in itself a signal enough that some thoughts are at their strongest.

I choked and share your feelings!

Welcome!! Please keep writing!

my space said...

Good to see you back Mampi...I am ashamed...shows jaan aur jazba abhi baaki hai dost..