Friday, June 20, 2008

Tag-Monsoon reaches North

~NM and IHM had tagged me on this. I am late on this. But here I am. And the hardworker that I am, I worked as hard on this one as I had on the previous one. From what I have learnt about the tag thing till now, one is to infect more bloggers. In keeping with the tradition, I would love to see others doing it.

I'm: what I look and express and experiment with.

I think: of family first.

I know: I am capable of doing much more than what I am doing.

I want: a lot from life including more adventure, more love, more peace of mind.

I have: the best guy in the world.

I wish: to give the best to my children and husband.

I hate: being helpless in any situation.

I miss: living in a village.

I fear: loneliness.

I feel: God has been very kind to me.

I hear: from my maid that the world will end in 2012.

I smell: of my favorite perfumes - I mean one at a time.

I crave: reading all the time, sugar post-meals usually, indulgence occasionally.

I search: for myself. I also look for ways to make my people happy.

I wonder: whether honesty begets honesty.

I regret: having lost dad when he was needed the most.

I love: being needed and being myself.

I ache: to go to Australia again.

I care: for almost everybody around me.

I am not: selfish and that is not good for me.

I believe: that everyone is basically good.

I dance: to bolian in traditional Gidha and total desi punjabi beat songs on the dance floor. However, the situation is "kee kariye nachna aonda nahi"

I sing: for Mahesh (only he can stand my singing).

I cry: mostly when hurt and sometimes when angry.

I don’t always: judge people right or guess their age right and this has landed me in hot soup sometimes.

I fight: anger and fat in the same order. And I usually fight for a cause.

I write: my heart out.

I win: friends.

I lose: battles with Mahesh.

I never: doubt that there is goodness in world.

I always: take people on their face value.

I confuse: tiger sharks with bull sharks.

I listen: to ghazals and quwallies while on a brisk walk.

I can usually be found: on the net, or in my room with a book, or cleaning up mess after the kids.

I am scared: of losing my loved ones.

I need: to invest in a very very good laptop with all the good features; and in one real big portable hard disc to store all my music at one place.

I am happy about: meaning so much to so many people around me.

So much of I and I. Well, that is entirely what this tag is about. And now I sneeze and pass the infection on to
1. Roop
2. Sidhu
3. Jasdeep
4. Devaki
5. Monika
6. Parry
8. Thought Safari
9. Pinku
10. Guri
Since this tag has been doing rounds in the blog-world for quite a few weeks now, I m not sure I am the first one to tag you all. So, in case you've done the tag, ignore this. Otherwise, finish the homework in time to avoid facing dire consequences.
This means "please do it".
I would be honored to pass it on in case any other friends apart from those linked here want to do it.


Pinku said...

thats cute...thanks for the download on u...and now that u have passed the bug to me will have to get into the 'I' mode too.

Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

nice list
i donno the difference between tiger sharks with bull sharks either!
and i too cant dance for nuts!im sure u will be muuuuuch btr than me!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed alot while reading your r very sweet.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your monsoon showers along with soothing music and interesting facts.

Nice posting!

God bless you!


Sidhusaaheb said...

Will do and then report back...all that I ever write about is 'I', after all.


Manpreet said...

Pinku - Waiting for the I mode bug to show its symptoms.

Mandira - Hahaha, You dont know how horrible I am at dancing. My daughter has to pull me away from dance floor out of sheer embarassment.

Anon - Thanks for visit. I am a little puzzled how this Tag can reveal sweetness? ;o

Mama - thanks for visiting. Miss you. Monsoon is early this year and thankfully Punjab water level is rising.

SS - loved your chameleon and the moped post. Waiting for the 'I' facts.

PARRY said...

I quickly got to the 'I' mode. Homework done and tag undone. One more in the 'I' list -
I hope : your maid's prophecy turns out wrong. :)

Gazal said... the no. of times mahesh has been made an indirect target.


Manpreet said...

Parry-Read your I mode job. It was great.

Gazal - Everyone needs a punching bag. LOL. :-)

~nm said...

This post shows what nice heart girl you are! Be like that..always!

kiran grewal said...

your tag need not to reveal your sweetness.becoz i know you r very sweetttttttttt.
kiran grewal here.

oceanic mirages said...

nice list n hey i can dance away the whole nihgt :-)
take care.

S.M.A.R.T said...


This is a really nice tag... I'd say that its totally in keeping with the monsoon spirit :) and yes... the homework has been done...

And I noticed something... we are both fond of dancing to punjabi music, and love perfumes!!

Manpreet said...

~nm - I think I left behind many things while writing this tag. Did not want it to be too crowded.

Kiran - Was it you in anon comment earlier? Yaar naam ta likh deya kar.

OcMi - A good poet has to be a good dancer... I mean you.

SMART - Am now going to check the H/W you've done. Long time back I did a post on fragrances. You might be interested. Here is the link --

Manpreet said...

~nm - I meant I didnt want it to be too sweet and nice. ;o, he he he

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Wow... thats an awesome lot of info! I don't really understand why people profess to want to live in villages: I feel that may be a place to go for a vacation for a week, but not to spend a long time!

BTW, comment #3 seems like from another of those scratch-back types who forgot to leave his own URL :D

kiran grewal said...

yes ws me.eve i button press hogea gariban ton anon vala.

Manpreet said...

Sudipta - Yes, there are people who do want to live in villages. What is generally considered a rule is not necessarily right. I have lived in a village for 13 years and proudly so. So, I am not the vacationing-in-the-village-types. But yes, everyone has a right to think the way they want to. LOL, the Anon has been traced.

Kiran - garibo, dhyan rakhya karo.

SUR NOTES said...

you mean the text in the middle of the photograph? i just type blindly and blogspot bhai does the rest.
so so sorry, am of no help on this.

ps am tripping on the punjabi on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Manpreet, you are too good to me yaar. I never had anybody read my posts with so much interest - too overwhelmed for words right now! :-)

Maverick said...

Great list, I wonder how these simple one liners give so much insight abt what a person really is.

Manpreet said...

Devaki - have you done this tag before? If not, do it yaar. Even I m late in doing your tag but that is definite to take more time. As for being nice to you, well I m not doing you a favor, nor being deliberately nice. Your posts are interesting. And to think, I am yet to read more of your archives. Will be sneaking there today I guess.
Mavs - I planned to tag you too, lol, but then thought maybe you wont like it.

Manasa said...

You've written direct dil se. Appreciate your honest thoughts :)

Why did you feel the world will end by 2012?

Jasdeep said...

Nice Tag...
I am done with it,check ...:)
Blogger seems to be more happening then wordpress.

Manpreet said...

Manasa-Thanks for visiting and compliments. I do not, for a second, believe in it. It was what my maid told me and she was told by the irresponsible Indian Media. She found it authentic and asked me, I suitably rubbished it and she is fine now.

Jasdeep - That was quicker than I thought. But I knew this too that you would do it quicker than you had committed.

Roop Rai said...

that was so very honest, m. :) appreciated.

Gurinderjit Singh said...

I am sure an artist can draw your sketch after reading your responses.
The monsoon is bringing some drizzle to Montreal as well. Please read

I guess you need to change my URL in your post to direct it to the Monsoon Tag!

Anonymous said...

nice things
i visit ur blog regularly but posting my comment for first time
ur vision is really remarkable
good luck

Manpreet said...

Roop - Honesty is still the best policy, kee kendi ??

Guri - I will link you afresh. The tag was great. Thank you. (And by the way, give me the address of that artist ;0)

Anon - Glad you have been coming over. Gladder that you left a comment today. It would be wonderful if you could add your name too. Do keep visiting. Its great to have a responsive reader.

Sachin said...

Hi Manpreet, first of all, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting as well. Hoping to have you visit more often as well.

Must say you have a very distinctive style of writing and it makes for very interesting reading. While I have not read many posts in your blog, I plan to do so at leisure. Take care.

seema bhogal said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

cute buh i kindda knew all dis bout u myb a lil less buh pretty close n u shud read "the blowfly" nice mystery its old buh nice n thanx fo nt infecting me i wudnt noe wht to write

love ya

Mampi said...

Sachin-I loved your blog. Thanks for visiting. Do read more posts if you can. I would love to know what you would like to say on them.

Seema-Thank you for dropping by. Wish you should start with a blog too-just about the kids.

Avna-Who wrote this book? Let me know. Your comments re-inforce my own faith that I wrote it pretty honestly. Who knows me better than you albeit sans the tags?

Anonymous said...

blow flay is by patricia conwell its pretty intrestin its nice really big book wid msall fonts nt even half way thru it buh like wht i read