Saturday, June 07, 2008

...And I thought I was Smart !!!

Jai is becoming very finicky about his food. Does not want to drink milk, does not want to have his usual big bowl of curd, sometimes he would say a plain no to food.
These problems are not new to me. Rasan has gone through the same phase and I think I have tackled it efficiently. She had started to skate at Jai’s age. With such extra physical activity a growing child needs extra nutrition. She would eat with a little bit of convincing. This one, however, is a tough nut. He goes for tennis in the mornings and swimming in the evenings. (Alongwith Didi, of course). I was worried that with the continuous taxing routine, he might grow weak. Despite trying hard to convince him why certain foods are good for him, I was only partly successful.
The other evening, I was talking to the swimming coach about Jai’s progress in the pool. He said Jai needs to develop stamina in order to be a good swimmer. So I thought the time had come to use another strategy. I told his coach to chat up casually in the pool with the lad about importance of good food. I fed the coach about the fact that Jai hates Protinex in milk and wants only Rooh Afza. Everyday Rooh Afza is cool, but not very nutritious. A spoonful of Protinex in milk might help with his protein intake.
After about an hour, when my little man came out of the pool, he said, of course in chaste Punjabi, “Did you see me? I did a hundred breadths today.” I said, “Yeah, yeah I saw you doing great in the pool.” While Rasan did her tenacious lengths of the big pool, I started talking to Jai.
“I saw your coach talking to you in the pool.” (The truth is that I was away to my regular walk outside the stadium)
“Yeah,” he tried to dismiss the topic.
“And what did you two talk about?”
Again in chaste Punjabi.
“Well, just this and that” (actually he said, “Bas eh oh”)
“Ahaan, Even then, tell me what all did you discuss.”
“About food, you know.” Okay, so he was opening up.
“Wow, what? Did he tell you to eat something special?”
“Yes, he said you can eat anything, Just DO NOT drink Protinex in the milk, cos it tastes bad, b-a-a-a-d-d,” and he made a face that is simply not explainable in words.

Wish I had clicked him.


Anonymous said...

You must have remembered then - that you can bring horse to the water but can not force him to drink.

It is possible, that Jai may follow his coach with a little pursuance.

You can change his supplement too, with that of Gooooood taste.
Don't give him b-a-a-a-d tasted elements.

Kids are smarter of course !
They are of computer age.


Sidhusaaheb said...

When adults apply guile against children, they can, I believe, sense it more often than not.

Sidhusaaheb said...

BTW, even I would've reacted the same way as your son, if I were made to drink Protinex mixed with milk, unless a couple of teaspoonfuls of sugar were added. It tastes BITTER otherwise!


Manpreet said...

Mama: Yes, Jai keeps shifting his loyalties to food as per the person feeding him as you know very well.
SS: Of course, it tastes bitter. I presumed Rasan took it and he would too. But what applies to one doesnt apply to the other.

Roop Rai said...

heheheheh i luv ur kids. :D :D :D

~nm said...

HAHA! That was too good! You can't beat these kids in just ANYTHING!!

S.M.A.R.T said...

That was very funny... and very cute!

Manpreet said...

Thanks Roop, you know what Rasan asked me today? Do you like Roop's blog more or Rasan's? Ha ha ha.
~nm-: Now, this is what you call Losing the Battle to the little one, right?
SMART: Yeah, he is one hell of a shrewd man.

~nm said...

Tagged you. Pick it here

Indian Home Maker said...

Really funny, (rotfl)..I am sure he realised why you were suddenly interested in his conversation with the coach:) What's wrong with some sugar to make milk with protinex palatable? 'Sofit' -mango flavour tastes exactly like mango shake but is very rich in protein (soya plus mango).It will be a nice change from Protinex.(I have childhood memories of protinex too)

Manpreet said...

IHM - Yes, I am already experimenting with alternatives, thanks for the SOFIT idea. And yes, btw, I m not so much of a tyrant, he he he. I do add shakkar (brown sugar) to his milk, cos he loves it.

Anonymous said...

i dont blame ur kid.. i hate protinex myself!! and horlicks..and all other such things! :P

How do we know said...

thats a very very old problem with all mothers! :-)

All the Best, and while we are at it, i quite like the title of your blog and the quote in the header.. lovely place this.

Also loved the fact that ur kids are fluent in Punjabi.

Manpreet said...

churningthewordmill: (Wish I had a nick for you :P) Yes, I hate Tories (the subzi) and he likes it, so I thought even if i dont like Protinex much, he might take a liking to it. Wicked mom, he he he, thats me !!
How do we know: Thanks for the compliment on the header. Its a pic from the tragic days of partition. The words inspire me a lot. Found that beautiful poem on your blog and was amazed at it.

Pinku said...


he is a smart kid!!! congrats!!

And I completely side with him Protinex sucks....try Horlicks Chocolate in milk much better....I can personally vouch for it..

Manasa said...

hahah.. lol.. The coach turned out be be smart:)

Manpreet said...

Pinku: your suggestion is taken.
Manasa: I guess you meant "the coached turned out to be smart". Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

u dont ned a nick for me..i have a name- mandira! and u r most welcome to use it!:)

Indian Home Maker said...


Devaki said...

:-) Just goes to show the next generation is always a lil smarter!

Monika said...

children are really smart these days i have six month old now who has his own whims and fancies, abhi tou i can do whatever i want with him but i am just dreading the day when he grows up to say all these things :) but then this is the fun in bringing up kids isnt it...

PS: BtW this was my first visit to ur blog, i came via nm's blog... nice place u have here

Anonymous said...

smart baccha hai hes on da family u noe we share da smart genz heheheheh i cn imagine only jai cn outwitt u rasan is n angel she snnt think ov smethin like dis n cook up a counter so quickly...........sowie was a bit late buh got der didnt its me gunna btw cudnt log into my blog acc forgot pwrd !!!!!!!!11

Manpreet said...

IHM - I m honored, Sorry for the delay.

Devaki - with such a bholi bhali mom, do you think he would be that clever? ;)

Monika - Enjoy this stage till you can. My son has either to be blackmailed into 'paaries' (kisses) or I have to run after him, catch him and then do the paaries. Hehehe.

Gunnu - Yaa yaa, take the credit. Rasan is no less. Only at Jai's stage she was too bholi - just like her mom - he he he. Now she has her crisp quips. Some day I will share those too.

Indian Home Maker said...


Ramanujam said...

Hahaha! Hilarious! Jai really turned the tables on you!

UL said...

hey there manpreet, thanks so much for coming over to my space and leaving a mark, which in turn brought me to your space, you have a nice one going here - i was head-deep busy these past few days and couldnt come over until now, but I enjoyed several of your posts, esp. this one and going to movies with the kids... :) and you can be assured i will be back... thank you. :)

Mampi said...

IHM: :))

Ramanujam: Yes, he tends to have his bouts of genius. LOL.

UL: It is such a nice feeling to have your comments on my blog, especially on the poem. I admire your poems and have been coming to your blog for long now. Do keep visiting. It will encourage me.