Thursday, November 20, 2008


This was originally thought and written in Punjabi. Original version in Gurmukhi is here. I am not very good either at Maths or at Hindi-kindly bear with me.

kabhi kabhi
hisab kitab kartey
samikaran asantulit ho jatey hain.

swaal suljaatey
kitna dhyan rakhti hoon
barabar ke nishan se
is paar ka tol
barabar ke nishaan se
us paar ke tol
ke barabar rahey.

jama, manfi kartey tang aa jati hoon
varshon ke abhyas ke baad bhi
jab samikaran sahi nahi hotey
gussa aata hai hisab ke teacher par-
mujhey kyon nahi sikhaya
yeh samikaran samaan karna?
barabar ke nishan ke is ore ko
barabar ke nishan ke us ore ke barabar karna?

bhag, guna, ghatao, jod-mere bas ke nahi shayad...
mere samikaran shayad
youn hi doltey rahengey?


Jagjit said...

Hey!! That was awesome. I read the Punjabi version and loved it. Heavy, highly touching writing...

Manasa said...

did u hate maths or maths teacher? ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely message... it's the problem we face with life too-hain na? Aaj,aapke liye manokamna hai ki aapke sabhi samikaran jaldi sahi ho jaaye...

Indian Home Maker said...

Lovely! Always love your poetry in any language.

Rajindarjit said...

Equations of life are always challenging at every step.
What matters is the result and how you reached that point.

When you feel 'you don't know', you try to learn and learn more, where as when you say 'I know every thing' thats the end of learning process- is the essence of long and deep experience of elders.

So go on learning and learning and you will see the equations solved automatically.

God Bless you!
Nice sharing here the deep feelings posted in a poetic form.


oceanic mirages said...

shayhum sabhi ko us ek shikshak ne samikaran nahi sikhaya theek se ki poori duniya ke hisaab kitaab dol rahe hain sada se aur dolte rahenge sada k liye...
hi mampi, sorry 4 not being around have been ill waht with a goddamn stomach infection and fever alongside being xtrmly busy with school, a new course that i have joined recently as well as with training programmme for being a polling officer for the upcoming delhi assembly elections and have missed u alot...

dipali said...

Liked this very much. Kaash ki zindagi key samikaran santulit rahein!

Mampi said...

Jagjit-Thankyou. Your comment came in the first five mins of posting. Awesome, you made it worth putting on the blog.

Manasa-Nah, he was such a sweet person.

Mithe-Yes, it is life. Thanks for your wishes.

IHM-You encourage me always. I look forward to words from you.

Mama-Results are sometimes not what we expect, that is the problem with the equations. Wish I had a balance like yours.

OcMi-Yeah, hope we find the equilibrium. Hope you are better now, stomach infection is bad and it is sad to learn you have not been well alongside the work and extra pressures. I missed you here.

Dipali-Kaash!! Thanks for coming over.

Gurinderjit Singh said...

Yes, you are right about the equations, hard to balance that is why the mathematicians invented < and >, to be more politically correct they enhanced these to be <= and >=
I remember when my younger brother and I used to fight for the same thing, he used to cut the "ladoo" into two pieces and then pick the bigger piece. The imbalance is part of the balancing process of nature and is a cycle of beautiful/painful goes on

How do we know said...

:-) i have commented on the punjabi poem.. just came here to tell u that it also sounds wonderful in Hindi.

Ritu said...

Zindagi ka bahi khata .... khatam to jaan lekar hi hota hai


RiverSoul said...

Beautiful poem, Mampiji
I'm amazed at the simplicity and profundity of this poem.
Loved the style of writing.

RiverSoul said...

And now i'll say something i must have said a long time back. . .
Thankyou for choosing to follow my Blog.

Ashwani Saini said...

...a beautiful poem in all ways,...perhaps the best aspect of the poem is that it encompasses so many aspects of our lives; truly a गागर में सागर stuff.
My compliments for writing such a beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...

haha barabar ke nishan dono aur....

nice poem u have there !

sukumbho said...

The world's made of imbalances and yet it's the best possible. What's life without these crests and troughs?

Poetry is about peeping into the 'imperfectness' of life and bringing out the hidden beauty. Liked "Equations." Shd we call it a metaphysical conceit a la Donne and Herbert?

ThoughtSafari said...

Such is life... isn't it :-) And we keep trying to balance equations till the very end. Sometimes I think whether its really worth the trouble.

Monika said...

zindagi ka khaata hamesha khula rahta hai and jabka khata khula rahega samikaran santulit kaise hoon saktein hain... isse hi tou zindagi kahtein hain

bahut baidya kaha.... :)

grewal kiran said...

ohhh it was great.....
i know, you know how to balance......
love you alot.

Pinku said...

am finally here....just to say "see told you so"

everyone loved arent that bad in Hindi after all.. :)

Mama - Mia said...


verry nice!

though i feel life is simpler than maths equations! yeah i hate it so much! matsh that is!



DeeplyDip said...

bahut gehri soch hai isme...bahut samikaran sirf padai ki gadith mein khare utartey hain...asl zindagi mein to sabhi ke samikaran asantulit hain! So whether we achieve the equilibrium or not, it is comforting to know that we are not alone facing this situation...everyone is trying to balance or rather move the balance in their favour...

Mampi said...

Guri-Yes, so right. But = da nishan ta fer wi barabri mangda hai.

HDWK-Thanks, I got the comment on Punjabi wala blog. Its so great to have you read that one.

Ritu-True, but once jaan goes, what remains?

RiverSoul-I am hardly a poet. Yeh toh bas youn hi...And Your blog deserves to be followed.

Ashwani-Thanks. Glad you liked it. Bahut sidhi jehi nahi si???

thearmyguyspeaks-Whew! Yehi hai zindagi.

Sukumbho-Donne, Herbert ! Ah, why not Eliot?

ThoughtSafari-Exactly, you echoed what I was thinking while I wrote. Equations, or equalizing them is not tough, the tough part is the feeling that it is perhaps not worth doing it.

Monika-Yeah, you got it right, girl.

KiranG-But fer wi imbalance create ho janda hai.

Pinku-I am amazed. But I am still embarrassed about the script. And all my friends are really very very kind to me to encourage this scribble. I really wouldn't dare write if it were not for the expectation of what they all would say.

Abha-asaan ko mushkil hi toh bana deta hai ganit.

DeeplyDip-Yes, indeed it helps to know that there are others like us. That is why, posting it here was a great therapy for such an imbalanced equation.

Balvinder Singh said...

Hindi version is equally excellant.

Jab kabhee barabar ke nishaan ke donon taraf kee cheezeyn barabar ho jayen toh hame bhee bataana ki kaisey kiyaa sawaal hull.

Ritu said...

The beauty is that once jaan goes, the accounts are settled in others' memories - either in debit, credit or in toto


Though it was difficult for me
I loved it...
"sameekaran asantulit ho jatey hain..."
Suddenly I am seeing you as a very very new person..Even a person like me who can read hindi and feel only a little bit can get such a great feeling then i can easily sense the depth of the original..
now frankly I feel shy to present my "click"..but do visit..

Manish Raj said...

poetry with !

loved it mampi..keep it going..

Sidhusaaheb said...

I, too, have never been very good at mathematics.


Sneha Divakar said...

there's no player showing...

my space said...

hmmm gehera hain bahut...
agar samikaran haasil kar lia toh shaayad zindagi tham jayegi..shayad is liye asantulan accha hain....waqai bahut sahi likha hain mampi..

D said...

The balancing act is difficult to perfect, no matter who good you were at math.

PARRY said...

What will become of life if all our samikarans are settled ?
And where will our politicians go for whom samikaran todana aur banana is bread and butter.
Poetic maths at its best.

Mampi said...

Balvinder-You are far more experienced. Tell me how do you balance??

Ritu-Brilliant. I told you I loved this response of yours.

MIP-Thanks. New person? You thought I was only a whale in the pool? HeHe.

Manish-Or Maths in life...

SS-Glad I am not alone. But this maths is the be-all and end-all of the life. Kee Kariye?

Sneha-Player is at the end of the page. You need to turn on the speakers,thats it. Player works on its own.

MySpace-Yes, perhaps then life would end. But why is it such a struggle to balance them?

D-Yeah, THAT maths and THIS maths-there is absolutely no relation between the two.

Parry-Har roz balance karna is rather tough, really tough.

D said...

Oh! I guess I read too much between the lines!

pinknblu said...

I don’t have the answers either
I think the lord god alone, has, perhaps

Whoever told you that I was the mentor, said wrong
I too, am a fellow student
Perhaps you are more upset than I am
Because your passion for perfection and rightness
Are disrupted
By such equations that refuse to be balanced

Equations of love, respect, discipline, duty and affection
All see-sawing in a never-ending, never balancing status

So what shall we do?
Play the equations of life
As best as we can
Until we find the perfect ‘is equal to’

Fault? Never for once.
Experimenting? Yes, till the end of our time.

Mampi said...

D-No, I wanted you to read between the lines, otherwise what are the lines for? You are right, I was merely playing with words.

PinknBlue-Dear Mentor,
I was way too young to understand THAT maths then,

and I am way too much into the calculations to understand THIS maths now.

Thanks P. It was such a beautiful response.

Anonymous said...

:) have you realised how much of your traffic is due to the quote lol, it's quite an anomoly

Mampi said...

Anonymous-I have been too lazy to go to google analytics to see how the traffic to my blog works; but yes I guess we all identify with this one line. It is my motto for life-to count every blessing...whether I pay for it, or I obtain it for free (or cheap).
Anomaly...well, is the traffic an anomaly or you think the statement itself is an anomaly?