Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Drive All Night

I drive all the way
In the middle of the night
To smell you-
Will you drive me away from the road?
Will you open your arms and
take me into your house?

That empty bottle
Of armani black code
Keeps you on my shelf.
You do not even know
What keeps me
in love…
To drive me crazy enough
To drive in the middle of the night to reach you.

Long silences of absence
of stealing looks,
and turning away…

What became of
That drive through the night
To reach you?


Jagjit said...

Hey! you just sounded like a ninteen year old spoiled-college-dropout-girl with a queue of wannabe boyfriends!
(Now - if only you take that as a compliment...)

Otherwise, I'll just pretend that all I said was that you have got a scale in your writing.

Keep it upp! cheers :)

MaDdy!!! said...

nice poem. what happened at the end of the drive :)

ANWESA said...

dats called being crazy!!n i'm happy dat ur creatively crazy..

Anonymous said...

Very nice Ma'am! The sense of isolation and desolation comes out well through the composition. I loved the last lines- the way you left everything to surmise!

Gazal said...

love can make you do crazy things...

and its just not related to age at all... at any age can make you do insane things...and make you feel like a teenager...thats the dangerous thing about love)

zirelda said...

What did happen?

You write very well.

sukumbho said...

Poignant. Precise. Splendid. "That empty bottle/Of armani black code" - Signs of maturity. Keep walking.

Ritu said...

Distances do keep the love alive .... this was mushy

roop said...


nothing more than that.

Mampi said...

Jagjit-Ummm. Gazal already answered you. I take it as a compliment AND pretend that you just talked about the poem, Hehe.

Maddy-Drive leads to destination.

Anwesa-*mampi bows gratefully*

Mithe- :)

Gaz-And we are a bunch of crazy people, arent we?

Zirelda-Well what did happen? That, which was bound to. THanks.

Sukumbho-Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Ritu-yes, sometimes they play havoc. I thought it was too sad.

Roop-Well, that is more than enough. Thanks.

Indian Home Maker said...

First I thought this post was about night driving and another book in torch light :)

'That empty bottle
Of armani black code
Keeps you on my shelf.' Beautiful!

D said...

Nice. And good question: what does become of all those drives?

Rajindarjit said...

Nice poem.
Keep it up!


Gurinderjit Singh said...

Happy Driving... No chalan/ticket as "police gahrdi hai.."

RiverSoul said...

How surreal, yet so poignant!
Interesting work, mampiji
And what really made you write this?

Monika said...

oh that was full of mushiness coupled with a bit of sadness... all potraying perfect love

Oreen said...

"I drove all niiiiight
to get to your room
to make loooooove to you..."

cyndi lauper and then celine dion...
did you hear the songs?

where are you driving to?

Pinku said...

this is so very personal...that i am afraid to comment...and yet comment I must....its beautiful and touches the heartcore.

others have said keep it up, i wont. I dont want you to have to drive in the middle of the night to reach...I want you guys together always.

Mampi said...

IHM-Night driving, in a pitch dark night, with just me driving with headlights on. :-) No torches, this time, and absolutely no reading.

D-They become memories.


Guri-Is there any ticket for driving in the night?

Monika-Crazy me...

Oreen-Hmm. I wrote these words, then shared the experience with a friend who told me about Cyndi and Celine's songs.

Pinku-You are such a darling !

Mama - Mia said...


gorgeous like always mampi! what would our life be without some crazy loving?! :)



Anonymous said...

for a moment i thought, the lyrics belonged to the Celine Dion song "I drove all night" ;)

Good poem.

Kiran said...

lovely & romantic ;)

my space said...

mushy and romantic...par itta drive mat karo ji..warna phir se koi ktab na torchlight mein na padne lago :-)

Inexplicably said...

Nice :)

Iya said...

hey..u sound a little low??

and what happend at the end of the drive??

phatichar said...

Reminds me of that number 'Drive'. The words are..just numbing.

Manasa said...

woow.. lovely poem.. Had you written when you first met your dream boy? ;) said...

nice poem...i liked it.

Mampi said...

Abha-Crazy houi rey, hehehe.

Philip-Thank you.

Kiran- :-)

MySpace-Dekho ji drive karte karte hum nahi padhte...


Iya-Yaar, I am on a high...Hahaha.

Sri-Numbing as in North India ki sardi?

Manasa-Umm, no it is recent... a couple years after meeting him.

Mandy-Thank you

Sidhusaaheb said...




Femin Susan said...

Wow, you have a great poetic heart! Keep it coming! Good job dear!
Welcome to my blog…….

How do we know said...

aaah.... all i can think of.. is a sweet little romance tinged with a lot of passion..

grewal kiran said...

its real mampi in this poem i knw.
m i right?

Mampi said...

SS- Shukriyaa! Dhann Bhaag, aap nu pasand ayee.

HDWK-Thank you my dear, a lot of passion, yes. Guess I am transparent? You can see thru me...

KiranG-Yes, baby devil. You know the real Mampi.

dipali said...

Lovely! I love your poetry.