Monday, December 15, 2008

Now This Calls for a Treat

When we lay our hearts bare before our readers, either as anonymous writers or with our names declared on our blogs, we do or do not crave appreciation. We yearn for sharing our joys and sorrows; we yearn to use the writing as a catharsis. To some, this becomes a compulsive activity, to others it is merely an extension of their personality. Through our blogs, we meet those who live a whole world afar and are yet just a step away from us. Through our blogs, we become the reason for many strangers to meet and talk on a common forum. If nothing else, I feel this is one valid reason for us all to come together through the words expressed on our respective pages.
When these same friends remember you on their own blogs for a reason as good as an award, it is not flattery, it is not mere reciprocation. It is merely a way to remember each other on the blogs and to introduce new blogs through the various links that these awards ask you to put up. It is a validation of what you stand for in your blog-and a validation offered by your blog-mates who are the true judges of your words. Nor are the awards givers any celebrities in the regular sense of the term. They are celebrities in their own right. Some of them make us laugh, some make us empathize with them, some jolt us up to the realities of our day and some just share their day-to-day life with us. We know their babies, spouses, parents, friends, friends-of-friends, colleagues, neighbors from their writings. After all we are all just Six Degrees removed from each other.
Over the past couple of months, I have been blessed with so many awards that I feel humbled. Here they go.

Indian Home Maker
thinks that I am an honest blogger for my approval of posts that do not result in anger, arguments and strife!

However, I feel that
Philip-for venting out his anger honestly on the current scenario
Balvinder-For bringing out the voice of the Indians in his suggestions post after Mumbai Siege
TheArmyGuy-For taking us with him as far as he could in his paratrooping
Trailblazer-For saying unmincingly what he believes in (though at times I tend to disagree with him)
Imp's Mom-For uncovering the insecurity that we all are feeling for our children
MySpace-For the honesty with which her stories touch the bottom of the heart
Oreen-For the pashbalish humor he likes to spread through his honest posts; for leaking out the well kept secrets of the Bengali people to us lesser mortals
deserve this Honest Blogger award.

Lately, a cute butterfly has been spreading glee in the blogosphere. And it came to see me four times. Mithe, Iya, DeeplyDip, and Mandira sent it my way. IT is supposed to be for a cool blog. I don’t know what makes my blog cool, but it gave a shine to my eyes everytime I looked at it. The shine must spread. I think
Dipali has a cool blog because she writes about everything, from little dogs, to her trips, to her supposed dinosority-and all through, her words are always coated with courtesy, warmth, and above all humor.
Himalayan Adventurer, Dr Khandelwal deserves this cute award for bringing to us the cold of Antarctica first hand. I am simply a fan of his blog. His simple language and informative style is very attractive.
Jagjit is the guy with the red blog. Yeah, I know now he is not using the red colour anymore, yet I associate his blog with Red. So he deserves this cool award for all his wild ‘orgasmic’ humor.
Monika's blog has such a beautiful cool look now as compared to before ( am I mean in mentioning it?) that it is what you call a cool blog.
Parry has been singing such beautiful songs and poems that he deserves this mention and award. Lagey raho.
Parul is my recent discovery but the look and the content of her blog is way above cool. This one is for you girl.

Mama-Mia has been very kind to remember me while awarding her blog mates with the Proximidade award. The award is such a cute beige and pink that I would have snatched it from Abha if she had not awarded me with it. And the bonus is that as I am typing out this post, Monika beckons me to her blog. There she is, with another Proximidade award.
The citation of the award reads that this award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! See I told you…
I would like to remember these friends for the award.
Manish-For sharing with us the warm memories and experiences.
Zirelda- for making us a part of her everyday life, for taking us to walks with Rach.
Jasdeep-For helping us fly with the best Punjabi poetry of our days.
Pinku-For investing her time and energy in cultivating friends par-blogs.
Roop-For sharing with us, her experiences with her charming sari.
Ritu-For being there whenever I need to share a ‘hey’ moment on Gtalk, besides being an excellent author of wonderful stories.
Oceanic Mirages-For her new experimentation with English Ghazal.
Devaki-For being, through her such apt words, a charming presence around us.

A long while ago, Mama-Mia ( I know she has also forgotten it) and Life Begins, and Monika had given me an award that is given only to Million Dollar Friends. Here is it. Thank you girls. To me, apart from these three, and Pinku and Roop and Ritu and NM and all my friends who come to my blog to read my humble mumbles are a million dollar worth.
But especially
Indian Home Maker, because I can reach her even if she is in her kitchen.
Sumanto, because he is my best critic and a great buddy (and because he tolerates me a lot)
Gazal, because we share our Midnight-Cat-Eating-Experiences too. (did I hear eiiww?)
Guri, because of the collaborative meaningless poetry we sometimes scribble for the old times sake.
Mandira, for really sweet "applogolies" (oh my god, I wont let this be forgotten) she sent my way after her Punjab Trip.
How Do We Know-For speaking such cute Punjabi with me.
Sri-For counting his angels, I mean blessings, and counting me among them.

And I had received the Brillante Weblog award and also had done a post on it when I had gotten it. But later, I got it yet again from Monika, and again from MySpace and yet again from Life Begins. So I had to share it with you.
I think the Quirky Indian, Mithe, and DewDrops deserve to be called brilliant. The first because it talks of us Indians and what we are , the second because it shares the fresh talent of a bright new blogger and the third because of the way it shares with us a hope that HIV vaccine is on the way. Here, I would also like to make a mention of PinknBlu and would like him to accept this award. It is for the vehemence with which he had been posting. And it is for that same enthusiasm to be revived. Who knows, the award might do it. Iya deserves this award because of the sweet and the unassuming stuff she writes on her blog.

Trust me, this post had been bothering me for two days. I was feeling a pressure of not having acknowledged the awards, of not having displayed them well in time. Job done, Mampi is happy now.


snippetsnscribbles said...

Babe - you totally deserve all of them and more :)

nidhi said...

Congrats for all the awards! you really deserve them all :-)

and Thank you for the award :D
I got 2 awards on the same day!!!

Devaki said...

Oh wow, an avalanche of awards here! Thank you Mampi, and congratulations. I am amazed to see the wonderful network you have built here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mampi ji for bestowing me with the honour of "Honest Blogger Award". Am not sure if i deserve it. Still....

Someone once said, when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it.

Am still wondering how to make a lemonade out of this award...hehehe

Thank you once again ji. Cheers :)

Rajindarjit said...

Wonder ful job you have done by recognising the Awards delivered on you by your BLOGG BHAICHARA.
Its the love, affection and recognition of blog mates, which inspire you to write your thought ful feelings constantly, which I Relish Reading Regularly.
Congratulations to all the Names mentioned in your posting.
May God Bless You.

zirelda said...

You definitely deserve all of these.

And thank you for remembering me in one of them. :)

You Rock...

Indian Home Maker said...


(trying hard to stop laughing, so I can type a comment ...)
Thank You!! A huge grin coming your way from a Kitchen in Maharashtra ... this is truly bloggie love spreading amongst Million Dollar Friends :)

Parul said...

Well, well, isn't this a virtual chappar phatna and awards raining!! Congrats, girl!

Thank you for the cool butterfly, Mampi. And an even bigger thanks for mentioning all these blogs. I haven't visited most but will definitely do so now.

Afaque said...

Congrats for winning so many of the awards.... :)

dipali said...

Wow Mampi- such a grand collection of well-deserved awards. Thank you for remembering me with such kind words.

Quirky Indian said...

Congratulations....all awards richly deserved I'm sure. And thank you for giving me an's nice to know one is appreciated! And I loved the post itself. Very nicely written. Thanks again, and cheers,

Quirky Indian

Balvinder Singh said...

"Awards Kee Jharee" should be the appropriate title of your post. Congrats for winning them in a row and thanks for passing on one to me too. I will display the same on my shelf. Yeah, that calls for a treat.

dipali said...

Mampi- what a fantastic shower of well-deserved awards- congratulations!
Thanks for the cool blogger award and the kind words. A big hug, young lady:)

Ritu said...

Mampi, sweetheart will always be there for a chat and all you got to do is holler OLA. Thanks for passing it on to me

Iya said...

Mampi congratulations, and thanks so much... this means a lot!!

RiverSoul said...

Congratulations, Mampi ji
You totally deserve every single one of those awards.
And a lot more. . . .
Keep an eye out for my 50th post. You'll not be disappointed
Oh! And congrats to all those winners.
I'm gonna visit everyone of you guys soon. . . .
If Mampiji thinks they deserve there awards, then they must be awesome

~nm said...

You have been awarded. Pick it here -

I know I have your hands full with all these awards, but then I'm sure you can carry these ones too!! :)

Imp's Mom said...

congrats gurl, very well deserved each and every one of them!

And thank you for the award and introducing me to new blogs :)

btw I've been listening to jagjit singh on ur blog and had to literally tear my self away to post this comment... :P

Jasdeep said...

Congrats for winning so many awards...

Thank u ji nacheez nu vi koee inaam mil giya. tuhade kar kamlaan naal :)


I loved your post.The way it communicated about the entire concept of our blogging ways..Blogging is a great way of de-mystifying all those myths of creativity.There are no more secrets in arranging words.No more hidden formulas for the creation of
"great works".May be we are de constructing those concepts of "greatness", "ambition","fame", and "celebrity".
congratulations Mampi for all the awards you have got..
it was/will always a pleasure being here,reading you and knowing your family.
You really know the difference between reading a painting and watching it.
wishes and prayers..
No gift for me?

Trailblazer said...

Congrats for the awards.

And thanks for giving me one. Accepted. :-)

Sidhusaaheb said...

That's a whole cabinet-full!


Mama - Mia said...


good job woman of actually remembering all the awards! :) and passing it on to all such deserving people!

afta all that hardwork, you have been tagged to do a fun thing! pls to do it!



D said...

Wow! Quite a list. Good going :)

Jagjit said...


Gazal said...

am flattered

thank you friend..err meow !!!burp

did i hear a ewwwuu!!

Monika said...

huhn.... shall i get angry or shall i get happy :) :) :) thanks for the award that butterfly will make it even cooler

Anonymous said...

congratulations mampi!! u deserve them all!! :)

and well done to the winners as well!! :)

Mampi said...

SnS-Thanks for such kind words.

Nidhi-Wow, congrats girl.

Devaki-Yeah, abhi toh kuch reh gaye yaar. I will, in the next award. Hehehe, already got the red flower.

Philip-You deserve it Liju. So tell me is the lemon too khatta??

Mama-Thank you.

Zirelda-Thank you. You deserve it dear.

IHM-You exude such warmth. IT had to come your way.

Parul-Chappar ko mend kar leinge.

Afaque-Thank you.

Dipali-Your blog gives out such an apna-pan.

Quirky Indian-Thanks you liked the post.

Balvinder-Yeah, my title is a bit boring.

Ritu-Okay, here I come, OLA !

Iya-Thanks and most welcome.

RiverSoul-It is so great to know that you will visit all these blogs.Post ka purpose solve kar diya tumne.

NM-Award is always welcome. Have taken it up. Loved the red flower.

Imp's Mom-Thank you so much for appreciating Jagjit on the blog.
Your blog is awesome, so you deserve the award.

Jasdeep-Sadey nal rahogey ta injh ee aish karogey

MIP-Thank you. I was in fact going to put your name in the Honest blogger category, fir pata nahi kaise reh gaya. Sowwie.

Trailblazer-I am honored that you accepted.

SS-Yeah, and more than the cabinet can nandle, :)

Abha-Tag is picked, thankee.

D-Thank you.

Jagjit-I got the feel how happy you are, from the CapsLocked text.
You're welcome chotu. Keep up the good work. You write really well.

Gazal-Meow, thanks to you, I now remember the scene vividly again and cannot get over the horror.

Monika-I loved the huhn, Get angry first, and then I will manao you buddy, but did you see, you have given me such great honors?


PARRY said...

Thank you so much Mampi for the award, thats surely a 'cool' way of encouragement.
So many awards showered on you speak that you are now a firmly established player in the world of blogosphere. Your post covers all the facets of the kind of blogs people like to dive into.
My best wishes to all the members of your extended family.
And hey the way you have described each blogger's individuality...its incredible !!
Just showcased the award on my blog.

amreekandesi said...

Just discovered your blog, and i am glad i did :)

Congrats on the awards!

Gurinderjit Singh said...


Anonymous said...

Lemon ekdam meetha hai. Aap ki tarah ;)

Pinku said...

Gosh.....a mountain load of sure are popular and u deserve each one of them too.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

Oh woa! Thank you ma'am... I really wanted this to be put on my I can do it..truely! Love you:))) You know I have a backlog of awards to be forwarded as well...will do it as soon as exams are over.So be ready for more....

Anonymous said...

Oh..I forgot..Congrats to all who got these awards! Nobody deserves these awards more than Mampi and her constant encouragement for all by forwarding them is an art to be learnt...I know because I have already imbibed it:))

Himalayanadenturer said...

I am not sure if I really belong to the blogger community; I started the blog with a limited agenda. However, more I read your blog (which I do now regularly) I realize that bloggers’ is a thriving and dynamic community. If and when I am ever asked why people blog, I can easily quote from your post verbatim. You have analyzed all the reasons quite clearly. Yours is certainly a hugely popular blog and so are you. No surprises that you have been showered with all the awards from bloggers. Even at the cost of being labeled immodest, I must say it feels nice to have a little cute butterfly. Thanks.

phatichar said...

As usual - am speechless.

Thanks, buddy! You truly are one...and an angelic one at that! :-)

Manasa said...

Hearty congratulations!!! :)

Where's the party tonight? ;)

sukumbho said...

You're rewarded with so many friends. That's an award in itself. It overrides all other awards. Keep it up.

Mampi said...

Parry-Thank you so much for the wishes, and thanks for accepting the award.

AmreekanDesi-Thanks for coming over, hope I will have the honor of your comments in future also.


Philip Philip

Pinku-It is so great to find one's mention on so many blogs. I am so grateful to all friends.

Himalayan Adventurer-It is so sweet of you to have said such beautiful words in the comment space. They in itself are an award. Your blog is so beautiful due to its content. Post some more stories from your Antarctica memories.

Sri-did you notice that halo??

Manasa-Thank you so much dear.

Sumanto-You have summed it up exactly the way I wanted to say it. Just that these words ditched me. THank you so much. Yes, it is indeed the best award to have so many friends thinking of you.

June Saville said...

I like the introduction to your post. Bloggy mates really become friends don't they? Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking - we'll be seeing some more of each other.
June in Oz

How do we know said...

How come my comment is not here yet? I m sure one posted earlier.. ?

Anyhooo.. thank you hai.. and u deserve all these awards and more!

grewal kiran said...

congratulationsssssssss and celebrationssssssssss....
party ??????????????

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!

D said...

And there's another one for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

oh man,it really is raining awards!
thanks for sending one my way.. :D will put it up soon... and u have got to let go of my trip to punjab!!!u cant hold it against me all my life!:P

Anonymous said...

Oh my..!! Thank you so very much Maa'm..Highly obliged !

Cheers !

Yes I might not be able to tell you all the stuff that I do..but yes.. I try to tell whats possible..:)... That can be considered honesty i guess...

thank you :)

Devaki said...

I have another award for you - job not yet done! :D

You haven't got this one yet. (I hope!)

Lazybug said...

Congratulations. I do to agree with IHM. :)

Hip Grandma said...

so many awards - that's wondeeful!!I'm sure there are many more to come.congrats.It really calls for a treat.Am I invited??

Afaque said...

whenever I come to your blog it first gives me that serenity but then when GULZAR SPEAKS I really become sad... and then I visit again and again... and it goes on though I know there wont be any updates in your post...
Love your playlist...

Mampi said...

June-Yes, thanks for coming over. Please keep visiting. It inspires a lot.

HDWK-There was just this one comment. Thanks for the wishes.

Kiran-party hai na, 4th Jan Nu.

Shaaaks-WIsh you had more to say.

D-Thank you dear.

Mandy-Nah, I have let it go. that was just for laughs.

ArmyGuy-Thats what I said, "takes us as far as he can" that is the real fun of it. Thanks to you, we are able to see so much first hand.

Devaki-Thank you, you are such a darling.

LazyBug-Thank you. The comment feels so good coming from you and IHM.

HipGrandma-Thank you for the wishes. You are invited.

Afaque-The album says so much about the times we are going through together. Wish our leaders saw sense too. Thanks for coming over again, and again, and yet again.

Devaki said...

Been reading about your blogger meetups all over the blogosphere... I am a wee bit jealous now!!! :)

Happy New Year Mampi!

Manish Raj said...

Congrats Mampi. You do deserve all these awards.

And Thanks for 'Proximidade Award'. Believe me, your presence itself is an award for me.

Be around.

my space said... deserve all these awards and more
and thank youji for the award.. m deeply honoured..will do a marathon tag sooon

Oreen said...

thanks thanks . . .
coming here after a three-week break and relishing every moment . . .

you haven't changed, dear Kirron Kher . . .

Usha Pisharody said...

Congrats on each of those well deserved awards!!

And to all of those other comrades who have received theirs from you.

I enjoyed reading the intro' up to the ceremony of receiving and gifting :) Very true, all of it!!

UL said...

congrats :)