Monday, December 22, 2008

My Char-M

To delhi and back.

beautiful weather,
dusty delhi.
metro dreams a few metres above our heads,
early morning mist,
flyovers daring us,
milkmen guiding us,
a u-turn
Back home.

Well, yes, I and Mahesh drove to Delhi to meet Char-Paanch Bloggers. NM, HDWK, Pinku, PinknBlu, and Sukumbho (More about that later) and I come back home and Ritu Charges me with a Char ka Tag. Totally charmed, here I go, spreading about my charms.

4 places I go to over and over again

1. Internet (Lifeline has to go on blinking in the modem, or I am dead)
2. My life size mirror (not that it has a lot to offer, I want it to feel good when it looks at me)
3. My Work Place ( Have to, chotey chotey bachey hain mere)
4. Tennis Courts (in capacity of the White Tiger)

4 people who mail me regularly

1. Sumanta (sigh, he has finally accepted that he has to give me up to the blogworld)
2. Bikramjit Sekhon (He is actually pissed off at my not doing the GNDU Newsletter till now)
3. Kiran Grewal (Remember the baby devil?)
4. My Mom ( till she was abroad)

4 of my favorite places to eat ( apart from home)

1. The Maya, Jalandhar (Though once they brought the bill without our asking and I was thirsting for the manager's blood)
2. Haveli, Jalandhar (The other cronies around cities like Karnal and Ludhiana are nowhere close to the original)
3. Brijwasi Chaat Bhandar, Bhandari Bridge, Amritsar. (I loved their jaggery-tamarind sauce in chaat. Oh Paapi memory…kithey cheta aa gaya, yummm)
4. Sanjha Chulha in Johal Market, Jalandhar (Till I was a chickiterian, I loved their Chicken Irani)

4 places I’d rather be now

1. Chandigarh
2. Watching Dil Kabaddi
3. In Udaipur, leisurely enjoying the rich city
4. Walking on unwalked trails in Kasauli

4 favorite TV shows

1. Tom and Jerry
2. Shamsher Sikander Chuddi-Buddy (Yeah, there is a monkey in it that is totally in awe of his bum)
3. Discovery travel shows ( I don’t know the names honestly)
4. Lizzie McGuire or Shararat (On Disney; I dont know why both cannot be aired)

4 Movies I could watch again and again

1. Sholay (But of course)
2. Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aaata hai ( hehe, sorry it was a white lie)
3. Chupke-Chupke (starring Dharminder, Jaya Bhaduri, Amitabh Bacchan, Sharmila Tagore)
4. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

4 people I would like to tag:

1. Afaque
2. Iya
3. Manasa
4. Zirelda

Edited to add:

Gandhigiri in tags results in Philip agreeing to do the tag. Will wait to hear from you LP.


Manasa said...

Hum kab milenge? :)

zirelda said...

Very good Char-Ms.

I will be happy to take this up.

Thank you Mampi.

Anonymous said...

Hamku tag nahin karte? ;)

Am also wanting to see Dil Kabbaddi. Am a big Irfan Khan fan.

Ashwani Saini said...

..arre kya kya yaad karaya is post ne. I was at posted at Jalandhar..have some really great memories of the place...probably the best place in Panjab!

Pinku said...


You forgot to mention sumanto in the bloggers u met list. agreed he is one of the most reluctant ones...but still he is a blogger.

and I am coming down soon so be ready to take me to all those places for mouthwatering food that u have mentioned. ;)

Ritu said...

Good one! Wish we could have met during your trip to Delhi. Zindagi baaki rahi toh insha allah - we shall meet.

By the way which channel does this come on? Shamsher Sikander Chuddi-Buddy? I wanna see this

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL @ Char Bloggers :)
Loved the description of Delhi and back. Daring flyovers and guiding milkmen ...loved it all, brings back lovely memories of winter mornings...!

Mampi said...

Manasa-Whenever you say.

Zirelda-Char in many Indian languages means four. So you go by the number of four in the tag. Looking forward to ur take on it.

Philip-Bahut mann houa that I should, then I thought u might or might not like to do it, given that you take up subtle issues, we-the mundane ones, hehe.

Ashwani-Ahh, I miss Jalandhar. Which years were you there?

Pinku-Amended, Ma'am. Yeah, your excuse would be enough for me to go to Jalandhar to have fun.

Ritu-Really, I kept remembering you all thru the trip. Yes, we would meet soon. Shamsher is aired on Cartoon Network, every evening at 7 30 when I must watch it with Jai.

IHM-Secretly,I wished if only IHM were also in Delhi. LOL.

i am what i am said...

hi mampi thank you so much for all your kind comments. you have a beautiful blog here.please keep visiting my blog too.

Sneha Divakar said...

i think i have been to haveli. is it exactly in jalandar? or on NH1?
when do you drive to bangalore to meet fellow bloggers?

How do we know said...


u do this tag really well!

sukumbho said...

What a char-tistic list! Char-med by your char-isma, as always. Who can forget Pinku's char-coal char-ge brigade? Yet, she was more than char-itable in spreading her smiles. But Mahesh's presence ne toh char chaand laga diya. Only regret is ur char-chakka char-iot cudnt find the direction to my place.

Rajindarjit said...

Enjoying your 4-M, Verse on Delhi Trip and having fun with your,tagging char only.
You along with your friends will always be welcomed for your Jalandhar junctions.
This posting is very interesting and thought provoking too.
Keep it up!

Sidhusaaheb said...

If there actually are 5 of them, I wonder why they choose to call themselves 'chaar-paanch'.


I like 1 and 3 among your favourite TV shows and 3 and 4 among your favourite movies.


Afaque said...

Aray hum ne kaha tha ke...
hum zaroor yeh tag kerein gay.... per ap ne toh bola tha ke chota sa hay per is mein toh kafi kuch hay likhnay ko :)
so need time to write about it...

ap ke char toh bohat fantashhtic hein... ;)
gave and insight to you in very good manner...

pinknblu said...

arreh! I came by to accept an award that you have actually given to my naqli namesake, Parry the ganagaar!

So i am still awardless, right?

My my my Sukumbho, by the time I am thru with you, u might well be
du -kum- bho - (durey thaaki bhai!)

Pinku said...

amazing comment from Sukumbho....though my charcoal charge could have been skipped...

Hey am looking forward to more such meetings....

nidhi said...

wow! nice... wish i lived driving distance away from you :)
now you should plan a trip to this part of the world !

diya said...

Hi, came here from nm's blog. Your world is fascinating. I liked the 'awards' post very much too. Thanks for being!

Mampi said...

i am what i am-I loved your creations. THanks for dropping by. Do keep coming over.

Sneha-Yes, Haveli is on NH1 but Jalandharites like to think it theirs. Bangalore trip, umm...lets see.


Sukumbho-your comment is fun, couldnt stop laughing. Thank you for being you.

Mama-Thanks to you that I could go.

SS-They dont, It is I who has named them Char-paanch. Grateful that you liked some of my choices.

Afaque-Arey, then you have not seen tags. It is a chota sa.

PinkNBlu-who said you are not awarded. You did a selected reading and you wre through. Sara parho woh post. And he is not naqli. He is as asli as you are, hehe.

Pinku-Charcoal charge was the main fun, hehe.

Nidhi-We are all so close through blogs. Meeting is only one step. Apko bhi darshan denge, hehe.

Diya-Thank you so much. Welcome to my blog. Hope you will keep visiting.

Indian Home Maker said...

Santa's left something for you on my blog here.

Inexplicably said...

*sulk* i'm in Dilli too.

Mainoo wi milna si.

Jagjit said...

1. Haveli, Jalandhar.
2. Chandigarh.
3. Tom and Jerry.
4. Sholay.

If I were to fill up this tag, these answers for sure would be the same :)

btw, charming title :)
:) Cheers!
- Jagjit.

GrewalKiran said...

Nice post.But this is not fair,you can go to Delhi, but not HAIBOWAL which is just 20min way from your place......
very bad.

Gazal said...

sorri for not being here....

am sure it was great meeting up with everyone!!!

jaane bhi do yaron...ditto

and LOL at the name "my char M"

Imp's Mom said...

beautiful description of delhi!

Iya said...

mujhe bhi sabse milna hai.. when will u come to bangalore??

Monika said...

nice read... i so want to watch dil kabadi too :)

and good u drove to delhi to blogging friends... pictures please... said...

im coming to kasauli with u!! my bags are packed!

jaane bhi do yaron is an all time favourite..dont think they can make movies like that anymore.

zirelda said...

Finally! I'm finished. :) Thanks for the tag Mampi. I enjoyed it.

EXSENO said...

"My life size mirror", ha ha. I love that. Lucky you.
I hate my mirror, every time I go by it, there is an old wrinkled lady looking at me. So I go by fast. lol

Anonymous said...

Great Char tag! Loved your answers-they were awesome,bubbly and cute!(love shararat and Haveli too)
by the way-you have been awarded!(yet again!!!!)You will find that on my blog:)

Iya said...

hi, this tag i'll pick up in a while but in the meantime there is tag for u on my blog..

Mama - Mia said...

quite a CHARt buster post there! :p

loved reading this! and want more detailed post on dosti made! :)



Monika said...

happy new year... i have something for u at my blog... please come over

Anonymous said...

Aapko naye saal ki haardik shubhkamnayein :)

Indian Home Maker said...

No new post from you Mampi ... how was your year 2008? What did you do on the first day of the year ??

I am sure you had a blast and will have an equally smashing 2009!

A very Happy New Year to you and your family :)


Did I wish you happy New Year?
My brain cells tell me I had.
But still here it is..
"let you remain as you are"
Wish you and your lovely family a happy new year!

Manish Raj said...

Hi Mampi

I keep shuttling between Bangalore and Delhi w.r.t. my project work.

Kabhi milte hain na. Please.

I will also meet HDWK and SMART next week, when I am in Delhi

my space said...

Mera number kab aayega??

I too love Tom and Jerry and jbdy and chupke chupke..
Mampiji kithe ho? Naya Saala aa gaya ji..bahut mubarak ho..

Sucharita Sarkar said...

I saw you on 70 Plus and Kicking and was intrigued because I have a friend called Mampi (I even blogged about her recently in my blog
I find your blog to be avery energetic and active one, much like my friend. Lol and Happy New Year.

Inexplicably said...

New year di vadhayian ji ! No new post shost ? said...

ok... you've been gone long enuf..write something!!

Mampi said...

IHM-I thank Santa and the Santini.

Inexplicably-Sigh, I was rushing from one place to another. Next time, pacca.

Jags-Thanks for endorsing.

Gaz-missed being in dilli in october when we could have met.

Imp's Mom-Thanks my dear.

Iya-Karte hain plan na. Tu aa rahi hai Punjab na?

Monika-pics follow soon. Thanks for remembering me again on your blog.

Mandy-I know you are coming, Going back from Ropar? hehe.

Z-I read it dear, loved it.

Exseno-The beautifully wrinkled lady, I would say.

Mithe-Thanks, I loved the award.

Iya-I have picked it, but will do it in a while.

Abha-Yes, I owe that post to you all. Doing that next.

Philip-Thanks my dear, I wish you all the happiness.

IHM-2008 was overwhelmingly happy. Will write soon. stuck up somewhere. Got a lot to write, just not finding time.

MIP-Thank you so much for your wish, it means so special to me.

Manish-Thank you, you are most welcome to meet up.

Sucharita-I cant tell you how happy and excited your comment made me. I went to your blog and saw that post called MAMPI. I am awed, really. DIdnt know there was another Mampi in the world.

Inexplicably-New post coming soon, in two days, hehe.

Mandy-I miss you too, will write soonosoon. Roop took the toll, hehe.

my space said...

Mampi ji..happy nu year! mera comment kahan gaya ji???
neways good to see u after a long long time

Usha Pisharody said...

And finally to your latest post!

I've had a great time catching up on all that I've missed for a month or more now!

Sounds like you all had a great time, and Delhi's description brought back memories of those winter mornings.. :)

Nice tag!

UL said...

Hey girly, how are you? Happy New Year to you, it is so very lovely to hear from you...I was right here...just been buried three times over at work...can you believe that..hopefully will be more regular...loved this charming piece...

snippetsnscribbles said...

arreh! kahan ho aap? :) Long time...

Noodlehead said...

bloghopped here from nm's...great space you have. will be back for more! happy new year :)

chandni said...

arrey! mujh se bhi mil lete!