Friday, January 09, 2009

Friends are For Ever

She came, she stayed, she conquered. And she messed up all my plans of the vacations to be used for some technical reading, some exam-paper marking, some stay-at-home new year bash (if ever there is one) and some time for myself. She toppled my apple cart and I was left counting my apples on the floor. The night Roop and Pavan came, we sat till 3 a.m. I was not sure how Mahesh would like my blogger-pals, but he was so friendly with Pavan that all my doubts about my decision of asking Roop over vanished in a second. We had a late dinner. Mom was around. I tucked the kids into bed by 11 pm - way too late than their 9 pm curfew. The reason was that my daughter was absolutely crazy about her school mate who she has a weird similarity to in many things. They have the same school house, same tastes, same teachers, and even the same poem that they prepared. Once the initial niceties were exchanged, me and Roop became our nasty selves that we are on chat. Oh I forgot to add, we have christened ourselves as the two Mrs Chat-ter-jees (she junior, I senior) with due apologies to all my Bangla pals. Many friends think we are cousins, or long lost friends. We believe we are some strangely connected pair of buddies born about 8 years apart. Mahesh and Pavan said we resemble closely too. Told you, it is weird.

Me and Roop did a flash fight with our cameras, her pro Canon and my ghareeb Sony Cybershot, I even listened to Pavan talk about why he thinks there is no God. Mahesh was totally impressed at the way P was making up his case of no God. I and Mahesh are Phools who believe in God, if you remember, so it was kinda different for us. To cut it short, that night, till 3 am, we kept sitting in the biting cold in the dining room exchanging rare gyan about religion, society, curd, villages etc. Only the next day, unfortunately, the newspapers didn’t carry this news.

Next day, a late start, not much shopping. Again a 3 am good night, but that day she slept till 2 pm while Pavan went to some area near by, just for a cold stroll. I kept pestering him with a grandmotherly advice, “Give me a buzz once you feel you cant find your way back home.” Kept the phone handy in my pocket and kept cleaning up the house while Her Majesty slept. I went, pulled up the razai and told her, "Oye, You are not here to sleep." She said, "Mampi, please please, please." "Oww baby," and then I just tucked the razai neatly and moved out quietly. Why am I taken in so easily?

Then she wanted to go shopping again. Hell, what's with her dollars! And she wanted to go meet her relatives (29th December) and they came back on the 31st. A foggy day, and we were going 60 km away for the new year celebration. Kids, mom, Roopavan, Manmahesh, all had great fun. Crazy new year eve. And I and Mahesh are the kinds who would rather sit at home and have fun rather than go out and suffer the falling fog. But we went, danced while the Haveli people said they don’t want anyone to dance. How stupid can they get? But I guess that is the only way they can control the booze-crazy Punjabis on the night when they see beautiful dancers on stage and get drunk anyway without the booze. However, the people just lost patience once they saw Roop dancing at the end of the standing crowd and falling in the process. Ogling her, many others tried to match her zeal and fell too, and we laughed. Kassam sey, I saw people falling . The best part was Pavan's Jatt Punjabi act. Wished each other happy new year with unusual glee. We went there as domestic animals, we came back as party animals. The party got over by oo:30 hrs and we were seen off rudely by the Haveli people. Okay, not as rudely as the lurkers behind might have been. But we came when the others were still around. Mahesh loves to say, "Mela bharya chaddi’da hai." ( Leave the gathering when it is full) Drove back in blinding fog, all the while chattering away to glory at the back seat while Pavan’s words from the front seat got lost somewhere in his worry about the fog.

He flew the next day to Chennai and she went off and on to see her relatives, keeping me on toes. Mampi I am going, Mampi I am coming, Mampi my boutique wali will give my suit that day, Mampi this, Mampi that. Then I tempted her to come attend a wedding. I will spare you the torture of other details. But will love to mention that she straigtened my hair out for a more hep look and I put kajal in my eyes and Mahesh commented, "Tu fer la leya kala kala?" ( did u put that black stuff in your eyes again?) I frowned and scowled and then went to wedding.While I went to the jago with my friend whose brother was getting married, Roop and Avneet (Mahesh’s cousin who is crazy about dancing) made themselves comfortable by starting the dance and already setting the dance floor on fire by the time we came back after yelling and dancing in the streets as a huge spoilt group. And I too danced like there was no Rakhi Sawant. Even found a boyfriend there (so what if he is 5 yr old, he actually loved to see me dance). Again slept at 3 am. I really wonder why the night was day when this crazy girl was around. Talked about some serious stuff, some funny stuff, some teasing, some parenting etc etc etc. And then she went away on 5th noon. That’s why Mampi couldn’t blog saala.

I wanted to write about meeting NM in Delhi. Came to delhi on the 20th December and absolutely didn’t know how to reach her house. Was on phone for a considerable time to seek her blessings, errrrr guidance and reached easily. She was ready with her betu who is an amazing chap. I asked him, "How do you open that door outside, it is so tight. " He said “aise” and gave it a rough shove with his bum. Now I could surely do better than him and he was visibly pleased at this student who was a fast learner with better endowed push stuff. I cannot help but mention that NM is an amazing cook. She loves to feed you and that too in no time. she had her stuff ready and fed us a typical rajasthani lunch, which I absolutely adored. How Do We Know ( I know this doesn’t sound like a person; but I wont want to reveal her name in case she doesn’t want to) drove all the way from Gurgaon in the bad weather to meet me, and brought her little one with her who is such a cute hunk that he kept checking me out now and then, but then lost interest (guess he saw Mahesh with me) and gave up pursuit. Then his mommy and NM allotted him and Anirudh another room and he lost me, poor chap. HDWK, her son Ishaan, and Anirudh stood together, posing with a bicycle. And all looked age-mates. She is such a cute presence. I must mention the zeal with which she came. She doesn’t normally travel with her son in Delhi smog but she threw all caution to wind and came to see me. I am flattered, honored and really grateful that she could do that. Both the bloggers have given great accounts of our meeting. I am late, but blame that on Roop please.

Jasdeep came to visit me at my home while Roopavan were still here. So it was kind of a bonus for us all. He writes beautiful poems and also introduces us to new and old poetry in Punjabi. A simple soul he is. He told me that he had expected a fashionista welcoming him and here I was, a complete desi. But he was kind to mention he was not disappointed. Still I had my revenge at his modest comments. Wicked wicked me, I kept him hungry for 2 hours before I served the breakfast at 11 which was to be served at 9. Why? Simply because the host and the rest of the guests were not ready to face, umm, meet him yet. On that cold morning, the paranthas and chai never went cold, because there was this heated discussion on I don’t know what. Seriously, Pavan and Jasdeep got into argument on something communistic. I tried to quieten them by buttering them and by persuading them to take a lot of dahi. That proves that I am the quintessential granny?

2008 has been a great year in terms of blog–mates coming together. I met Pinku, Parry in Summer, rather met them twice, and look forward to meeting them again soon. Then there is Sumanto who is really a reluctant blogger, but blogger he sure is now. It’s different that I know him for 13 years more as a buddy than as a blogger. Mithe is very much around all the time, meeting me in the corridors of my college, but I acknowledge her talent as blogger first and foremost. I met Amarjit Uncle who writes brilliant Haikus in Punjabi. Then the year wound up with meeting Jasdeep, the great Roop Rai swayam and with pati. With so much of inspiration flowing around, I suspect Mahesh will soon come up with a blog of his own.

Coming back to where I had started from, I just about finished my deadlines of lecture preparation, marking exam papers (why are the kids made to sit for exams at all, I fail to understand; and then why does the cruel University want those papers marked at all??) clearing the backlog of reading of blogs, and catching up with sleep.

Phew, the junior Mrs Chatterjee flies out tomorrow.

(I loved being missed while I was away. Every single message left a grin on my face. Hell, I was more popular on Roop's blog than on my own. Thanks Roop, see this is why I wuv you.)


Kiran said...

wow! you had a really great time :-) what fun!
i too was wondering why you haven't posted anything in soooooo looong :)
good you are back :D

Rajindarjit said...

In your posting, I see a bonus of affectionate atmosphere among blog-mates, converting into a close friendship of thinkers.
I have the privilege to exchange thought with some of them say - Amarjit Sathi, Roop-Pavan, Jagdeep. and it sounds closeness of 'blog- circle'.
I wish all the readers a Happy and
Prosperous 2009.


roop said...

man, you did this better than i ever could! :D I can't stop laughing at a few selective lines :PP

oye with hot hot chicas like us, we would've still been ogled at ... dance or no dance. :P hehe

i should honestly put up some pictures to truly depict the reality though. :P

wuv you too!! :) i am going back with fab memories. im sowwie for upsetting your schedule but you're right ... my night does begin in the morning. :( all the better for P though, innit? haha
too bad he doesn't see it that way hehe.

u didn't mention my haircut. :PPP and how much you miss me ... and how i brought so much 'life' into your life .... came like a cyclone and left like a hurricane etc etc? where's the poetry dude? :D :D

love!!! 'n hugss!

roop said...

also pavan would also like to be acknowledged for the word 'chatterji' ... :D ... and its's ... MS. CHATTERJI ... not mrs. :p muahz

Iya said...

wah wah.. what a nice description.. looks like u have had a great end to the year.. i am going over to Roop's blog right away..
the way u have written about her shows how much u care about her.. the connect u guys share is almost opaque in ur narration..

Indian Home Maker said...

Good to see you back!!!!

(a huge smile)
This lovely post made me miss my sister's visits ... specially that not wanting to wake up with a pleeeease five more minutes!
And I LOVE the song being played, about gur in a potli ... MISSED YOU BASICALLY... and all your music and you comments and the green light ... and the posts.


Devika said...

Hi Mampi,

I'm here after a long long while, Mampi..

Interesting read, dear

and though late,

Wish you and family a Very Joyous and Prosperous New Year, Mampi..


Ritu said...

Wish I was there too. Sounds like totaly fun. When do you come to Delhi again?

Monika said...

wow!!! what a vacations... ideal i would say...

when do we meet?????????

Pinku said...


It sure sounds like a great time that you guys so happy for you. :)

and feeling a lil bit left out as well :(

But we will sure make up for it wont we?


Quirky Indian said...

Sound like you had fun. :-)

Happy New Year!


Quirky Indian

D said...

Wow! as if we weren't already jealous of all the fun you guys have been having, thanks to Roop, now you're also at it! Terrible :)

Jagjit said...

ah! this post makes up for the long absence. loved reading every bit of it, especially the gyan - "mela bharya chaddi’da hai." :) cheers!

PARRY said...

so it was fun all the way....and u have described the intricate details in style always.
Happy new year

i am what i am said...

hey!!!!wish you a very happy new year....loved your is indeed good when you are blessed with with close friends.

hitch writer said...

lovely post as usual !!

Seems like some one is having a lot of fun !!

Mama - Mia said...

so finally we are back and HOW!! :)

loved this post! loved it shows friendships can still happen and virtual world can get so real and beautiful!

heres wishing you such times always! :)



Anonymous said...

Oops-I fell off my chair-laughing right off! 'Roopvan'-hilarious! I can't see how two people can write so beautifully detailed posts in so different manners about the same event! Lovely reading it in both versions and yipee I am mentioned in the end-thank thee!:)
(excuse my exclamations-effect of Mampi's long post)
So what if its not published in the newspapers, atleast the blogging world was agog with your meetings...such is your popularity(and I mean both of you)
I have supplied you your next post-you are tagged!
(after such a long one, you are liable to be a little just easing it all out a bit-loved your post.Am linking it with mine)

Jasdeep said...

Welcome back to blog ji...
So tornado roop from the US has left Punjabi shores..But after giving you fun whirlwinds..

It was my pleasure to meet you guys in person.Blogging has helped me enhance my social circle otherwise a geeky bookaholic lives life in closed world.

Wish you happier and funnier year 2009..

How do we know said...

Wonderful, Wonderful post!! loved it, and loved it that you had such a good time with Roop and Pavan. Great show there..

Please do a similar fun post on Lohri.. my fave festival!! :-)

Mampi said...

Kiran-It is so good to be missed.


Roop-Life! Bah! Yeah, those WERE my lines, just didnt wanted to give u so much bhao. Its not P who wants the credit, its you, MRS C.

Iya-Thanks Iya. Your words really caught the true spirit.

IHM-:) I missed being around too. I would come hurriedly and read your blogs and go back to crazy times, hehe. Its really good to be here.

Devika-Thanks dear, I wish the same to you too. I loved the way you repeated my name in your comment.

Ritu-Wish you had been better, I was almost close to your FDB when I came to Dilli.

Monika-Coming to B'lore next, hehe.

Pinku-I know how you feel. Sure we are on the way to make up for it already.

Quirky Indian-Yup, it was great fun. Happy New Year to you too.

Mampi said...

D-Hahaha, I had to do my bit too.

Jagjit-Glad it was worth waiting for. It was actually double the length, then I edited it to this small, hehe.

Parry-Thank you. Happy New Year to you too. Hope life is good.

I am What I am-Yeah, blessed, thats the word.

Hitch Writer-See I told you I was busy-now you know i was busy having fun.

Abha-Thanks for your wishes. Hope to meet you sometime soon.

Mithe-Tag? Wait till I see you next.

Jasdeep-Yeah, You could use a lot of company you know.

HDWK-GOod Idea, I will do it for sure. We are celebrating it in my college though.

Oreen said...

ah, finally a nice, warm account from under the razai. you perhaps know this, but you can make cataloging sound as interesting as a story...

man, mein bhi bachha aur biwi ko lekar aa raha hoon Delhi welhi...

snippetsnscribbles said...

I am soooooo jealous of you guys right now....:P me no talks :P

roop said...

nope, he wants credit i swear. he does too!! quit knowing me so well. :((((


Manish Raj said...

Yay..Mampi is back...

Me too missed you yaar..

Pradeep said...

I was wondering where were you. When I vanished you were one of the first to inquire, Pradeep where are you? I thought I would wait, and here you are back again. Glad you had a wonderful time and some virtual friends are becoming real.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Saw some pics on Roop's blog.

sukumbho said...

You board a long-distance train and meet your co-passenger, a complete stranger. Initially reluctant to interact, you end up chatting endlessly - about friends, food, family, thoughts, old school days, travels and what not. The train reaches the destination. You feel like not leaving your newfound friend. Goodbyes said and tears in your eyes, you carry back the scent of friendship home.

Mampi said...

Oreen-Thank you. We are already preparing for your visit. Dilli aogey toh idhar bhi aogey na.

SnippetsnScribbles-Arey, arey, why no talk? You are coming to see me next time u r in India. Decided, right?

Roop-Thank you. But I know P can do without credit.

Manish-Thank you so much for missing me. IT means so much to me.

Pradeep-Thanks for waiting.Glad you came to check. yes we had great fun together.

Philip- Yes, we had 'huge' fun. This is Pavan's lingo.

Sukumbho-I am waiting for another journey to commence.

dipali said...

Such fun! Really missed you, though:(

maheshinder_singh said...

Ever since I started reading your blog , it was more due to my love for you. I considered it as a good pastime for you. I never tried to look into the blog world. But it has changed and now I feel like reading the blogs. The reasons could be more, but immediate was our visit to New Delhi where we met your blogger friends. I wish to say a line about all of them but will only say that I have great regards for them all. I was impressed by their qualities, intellect and the friendly manner that they greeted a stranger like me. And the ultimate came with the entry of Roop. Mampi the opening line of this post has given a fair idea about this girl (she rather excels). Pavan, her husband is a blessed mortal to have her as his soul mate and we are lucky to have her company. This stranger couple (not anymore) for me is a perfect example of how two beings should live together. Pavan an excellent Man (I call him a man, coz he qualifies all the parameters of a perfect husband) is sober, polite, smiling, understanding intellectual and talk’s logic. And Roop, if you know her and have not met her, then you are missing something very special. She swayed us off our feet with her mere presence. I stop here, its becoming a post in itself. Good luck Mampi. You are going in a right direction. I never knew this blog will bring a bonding for us one day, but I feel its working.

Gazal said...

wow...what an account!!!

its more than luck,when you find friends from the bloggersphere whom you can keep forever.

happi birthday girl.have a great day !!!

Indian Home Maker said...

A very very Happy Birthday Mampi :) !!!

Afaque said...

I really liked your idea of meeting people. We have blogger meet-ups here as well but they are kind of a gathering where its hard to communicate properly with each other...
But it must be very good experience when you meet 2/3 people at a time and that too of your own choice...
btw you are quite hospital in that... will a day will come when I'd be honoured by your hospitality.... [sigh].... very difficult I guess

DeeplyDip said...

your meet ups sound so much fun!

maheshinder_singh said...

mampi dont u think, its time for u to write a new post?

Pinku said...

Hey Mahesh needs a blog of his own...lets gift him one shall we??

Nimmy said...

Wow,you are lucky to have met many boggy friends...Even i would like to meet all of my friends in blogisphere..It is indeed nice to know that you and Roop had a great time together..Hold on the firendship for ever :)

Good day

UL said...

Wow, that was such absolute fun Mampi and since it was Roop and we met through her, virtually, more fun...I felt as if I was there...beautiful narration. would have to say hello to Roop now, it has been ages...hope you are all settled now.. :)

Gurinderjit Singh said...

This is one of the best post..
Looks lke the virtual blogging is being humanized by traditional face to face interaction..
This seems like hybridization of blogging..
Hybrid Cows produce more milk :)

Must I think of developing a blog village.. let me talk to Sekhon and we may come back with a business idea... get ready to invest!

Anonymous said...

phew! thats a lot of activity...and a lot of fun!! saw the pics of roop's blog..
pleaaaase tell me dying to know..wat gyan can you exchange on curd??im maha-curious..

roop said...


now 43

holy mofo sh#$! write a new post already woman lest this comment number rises past 50! and i start feeling jealous. (NOT) hee hee

i miss youuuuuuuu.

okie done.

Imp's Mom said...

got a huge smile plastered on my face reading this post...its great u guys had an awesome time :)

zirelda said...

:) What fun and how wonderful.


my space said...

Parathe, butter, chai....wah kya aish hain bhai!! milna padega mampiji...bahut ho gaya ;-)

EXSENO said...

I love this post, I would love to meet some of my blogger friends or at least see a picture of some of them. But most are like me and don't post pictures of their self.
It looks like you really had a wonderful time.

maheshinder_singh said...

this is bad,mampi

ThoughtSafari said...

Hi Mampi! I absolutely lovvvved your post! When are you in Delhi, next....?? Meet me too na! :-)

Oh and wish you a very very happy new year! and Lohri too!

Manasa said...

Initially, I thought Roop n Mampi were cousins :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Do visit here to pick up a something I have for you :)

Do drop by :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I fulfill Roop's wish-here is comment number 50!(lolzzzz). Seriously Ma'am, am waiting for your next post too...:))))

Pinku said...

areee yeats ko eats karna bas bhi karo....we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...we need a post...
Hope u get the picture!!!!

June Saville said...

Your blog provides a fascinating peek at life in India. I was interested that you had got together with other bloggers, including Pinku who often visits 70 Plus and Still Kicking. Thanks for paying a visit too!
Distances have prevented this with me so far. Must have been fun.
June in Oz

Sidhusaaheb said...

"She toppled my apple cart and I was left counting my apples on the floor."

That one was quite original!