Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Life-My Addictions-Pinku's Tag

The dictionary meaning of Addiction is “condition of being dependent on some substance, interest or activity.”

Pinku tagged me on telling the whole world about 5 things to what I am addicted. Hai sharmaoo, aise kaise main bataoon… Ok, ok, I will cut it out... here I am. But only five? Hell, my life depends on addictions. I survive on addictions-addictions like coffee, all sweet things, chaat papdi, gol gappa-nothing healthy. I am a bad example, told ya.

1. Talking – I am a talker by profession, by addiction and by compulsion. Cannot help talking-in the class, in the gym, in the pool, in the car, in the day, at night, to the kids, to strangers. I can talk people down, I can talk people up. I can talk on the stage, I can talk on the radio, I can even talk on the TV. I don’t remember my mom telling me when I started talking but since I did, I didn’t stop. Sometimes, Mahesh has to tell me, “Oye Chotu bass kar” and I am forced to say, “kee karan, Petrol Khatam ee nahi hunda.”

2. Internet-“What would you have done without Google, Mama?” says my daughter whenever she asks me a question and I take Googlebaba’s sharan when I don’t know the answer or when I want to be more specific. Internet to me is now my lifeline. I can do without a cellphone (my internet doesn’t depend on cellphone yet) for a lifetime, but not without internet. What did I do before internet? I don’t remember. Much to Mahesh's chagrin, I am admittedly addicted to checking my emails at least twice a day, and now addicted to checking all your blogs for new (and old) posts.

3. Reading-My mom in law often wonders why I need so many books around me. She has very benignly (rather forcefully) suggested me to donate these books to some library. I, on my part, go on buying and borrowing newer books for me and my children. Because I have grown up among books, hundreds and hundreds of books-old and new, so I cannot help but stand and sit among them for hours altogether. Somehow, I cannot digest a life without reading. I am also addicted to reading all the Sunday features of prominent English and Punjabi dailies.

4. Checking out newest gizmos-I went to the iStore the day before, and had a long dekho at the Apple lappies. The dekho was long enough to prompt Mahesh to inspire me to check out only the top-of-the-line stuff if I wanted one. How I wish for one. Narcissist that I am, I went to their biggest desktop and opened this blog there. Boy, it looked huge, wonderful and very ego-satisfying to have seen this on the big 24 inch screen. I am also eyeing Nokia N96 but I wont, I wont, I wont buy it, not for another couple of years. For now my N95 is doing really well. I have practically forgotten to carry my camera due to its 5 MP camera always in my hand ready to click.

5. Self Clicking – Whenever I have time, and a true or false impression that I am looking good, I’m almost addicted to smiling into the phone-camera and clicking myself. You check my phone image gallery and about 40 percent photos belong to me-most are self clicked. Mahesh often asks after having a look at these pics, “Did you click them yourself?” “Did you smile for yourself?” Now what to tell him?

Before finally posting it, I asked my daughter what she thought I was addicted to. She said and in the same order I repeat, “Reading, internet, papa and sanu pyar, obsession about not wasting your time.”

As a second opinion, I asked Mahesh what he thought my addictions were. Now I wish I had not asked him. He said, “You are addicted to internet, downloading and listening to music, reading books, doing stuff for kids, enjoying junk food, eating chatpata, living in AC, talking, at times being silly, and at times talking like an intellectual, brushing your teeth at night and so on and so forth (okay I know they are more of quirks but he is allowed that).

Now I spread the malady. I invite Ramanujam, Mandira, ( I know, I know I am yet to do your time wala tag, but you will do it, won't you?), DeeplyDip, Balvinder, Nova, Manish, and Nidhi/Kiran to tell us their addictions in life.

And also all the visitors to my blog are welcome to do the tag. Let me know if you wanna, it will be a pleasure to link you from here.

Edited to add:

Gandhigiri never fails. Gazal and Vinay have volunteered to do the tag.


~nm said...

My soul sister!!! Almost all of your addictions I could repeat for self!

And I so loved your daughter's response! And Hubby's response was truly hilarious!! :D

Anonymous said...

Addiction for reading, writing, talking, internet, cell phone is good, but addiction to eat junk food is not a healthy one at all. Start treatment for this addiction.
Formula No. 28 will go.

Anyhow this posting of self analysis is very interesting.
Keep it up!

Mahesh's comments and Rasan's consent has added taste to it.

God bless you !


Anonymous said...

ya mampi... will take it up soon...!! :)

my space said...

Mampi..fun gng thru this..talking , surfing internet i can immediately say about you..chaat n all toh humsab ka addiction hain..gizmos? that`s different..yaar mujhe model no nahi pata rehta fone ka ..as long as it looks chic, sleek and 'in' m happy;-)

Oreen said...

oh, i forgot the last tag...
it was about if i were a day...


i still haven't done it...sorry, man...

roop said...

hahaha fun as always.

did i tell u i have an apple ... and that 24 inch monitor u speak of :PPP nah, actually it's 21 .... hee heee heee heee *roopie dances as mampi watches mumbling all swear words she can conjure* hhehe muahz!

churningthewordmill.wordpress.com said...

this is a cute tag... lemme get back frm my vacation and i will take it up pucca...
btw, i too think Google baba has the answers to all of life's unanswered mysteries!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL I can so understand 'kee karan petol khatam ee naheen hunda':)
And hehe Birthday boy, Google baba is a universal source of answers to all problems :)

Gazal said...


talking in the pool???gulp gulp....in the class
agar woh nahin karege toh teacher kaise hoge.

self clicking....all i can say

i love you!!!!

will take up the tag.see havent i improved

Sidhusaaheb said...

Lots of books?

Should build up your own library perhaps...


Pinku said...


love you for being so scared of me that you do my tag promptly leaving the others back. :)

Love Rasan, give her a huge bear hug for me she is a jewel. And what I liked best is she didnt say 'Papa' she said 'the love you two share'.

Lovely way of doing a tag.

Mampi said...

~nm-SO heartening to know I am not alone.

Mama-Dil pey mat ley yaar. I dont eat that much of junk at all. It was just to add spice, but Mahesh thinks I do enjoy eating it.

Vinay-So sweet of you. You have been linked from the post as a reward, hehe.

MySpace-Thank you. I wanted you to do this tag too. But I thought I might encumber you.

Oreen-Are you a day after all?

Roop-yes I mumbled all the swear words but I was dancing while mouthed them too. Makes you happy?

Mandy-you are such a sweetheart.

IHM-I knew you would love that one.

Gazal-You ARE improving for sure. You are linked from this tag lest you go back on your word.

SS-One day I will, Inshallah. And I know I will inherit my mom's library too.

Pinku-Scared? Thats a small word. Love you for tagging me on this. Loved doing it.

Balvinder Singh said...

The assigned task will be carried out right away, ma'am.

Thuhaada hukam sir matthey tey.

Balvinder Singh said...

Only further linking, vinking (not winking) will take a little longer so will be taken up later in editing session.


self clicking was the best!
take care..

Monika said...

brilliant :) :) :) I think I share some here but love the tag will take it up soon as it is I am completely valli these days :)

RiverSoul said...

Very beautifully done, mampiji
I'd love to do this one myself,
But a few days later (read weeks)
You see, i'm stuck in an amusing predicament.
If I so much as post even one more tag in my Blog, without some regular post, i'll have to rename my Blog from silent recollections to Tag-o-rama productions.
So Plz bear with me. . . .
The next tag post i do, i assure you, will be this one.
Very inventive and pretty much hilarious.

Gazal said...



maarwaye ge kya yaar

Balvinder Singh said...

Manpreet, t(ag)ask accomplished

Devika said...

Interesting read and personae...reflections of me in some, some very distinct..
yet, all likeable, including what your daughter and Mahesh said..:-)

see more of you..

The Certain Kind of Woman is there waiting for you to share her experience of the recent terrorist attacks..


"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi...for you....thanks.

Imp's Mom said...

2, 3, 5 ditto... great fun reading your tag

Manish Raj said...

Hi Mampi

I am knowing you more and more with each blog you write.

And I will write about my 'addictions' very soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :) Cant wait to do it :)

Mampi said...

Balvinder-Loved your tag.

MIP-I am such a narcissist.

Monica-Thanks Ms. Velli. Let me know when you do, I will link you.

RiverSoul-now that is the spirit. Would like to link you whenever you do it. I am yet to do about 6 tags. Soon I will be every tagger's favorite punching bag too.

Gazal-Marne mein alag hi maza hai, hai ke nahi?

Devika-Thanks. Will visit your blog soon.

Rosa-So true. Thanks for dropping by.

Imp's Mom-Thanks. We are all made of the same stuff. Almost.

Manish-Thanks. I enjoyed reading about your addictions too.

Nova-Waiting for you to finish the tag-job.

~Hemanth~ said...

Books *grins* blew around a couple of thousand books recharging my library last weekend on a sale in landmark. My friend had to pull me away from the shop, literally. Not, addicted to them but, yeah! I definitely agree that you need good books to enlighten and lighten yourself sometimes.

24" desktop haan..cool. Did you see the one with a 12inch CPU and no visible indication of a DVD drive but, it has a DVD player, flash drive and super huge display (It's 32" screen if I am not wrong).

PARRY said...

Your blog and ur style of writing says that you are an incorrigible talker.:)
Self clicking was a revelation and Hey what bout music?? I bet it lists in your top ten addictions?? So it seems.
I too have been bitten by the same bug through balli. Will do the tag Asap.

Anonymous said...

Addictions can be hard to break. Punjabi addictions are even harder