Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Day That is Me

It is a beautiful tag created by Thought Safari. I salute the spirit of the originality of this tag and its creator. It requires me to tell what kind of a day would I want to be.

S.M.A.R.T., I am honored that you thought of me while tagging friends onto this beautiful and creative one. Here I am.

I would want to be a balmy winter day, when you wake up early, before the sun rises. You want to go back to bed but rather would tie up the jogging shoes to go run out on the abandoned road. On the way back, the sun starts to shine, promising a warm me. You come home and after a warm shower, take up a book to sit in the sun, listen to the FM radio, open a book long pending completion of its reading; and then surrender to the languor introduced by the warmth of the sun. A loved one then comes to wake you and finds the book lying inverted on your chest. You then give him/her that look which is reproachful but inviting. You sit and talk about things happening in your life and also of things to come.

As I progress, the sun goes down, bringing a little chill in the air, and you take the chair inside the room. And then I merge into the night.

I think Sujata, Pinku, Gazal, RiverSoul, Vinay, LifeBegins, Oreen, Majaz, and Manasa would enjoy doing this tag. Tell us what kind of a day would you like to be?

I request Sujata, Pinku and Manasa to add their wonderful clicks to the tag write up. Majaz needs to do this tag because she needs a change from the Zardari bashing that she has been reveling in lately. LifeBegins, I want you to do it asap, no grace time. Period. You need to be punished, he he he. Gazal, girl you have not done a tag in ages, so before someone else tags you, let me take the opportunity to do it. I know you did a self picked tag today, but an imposed tag is a different fun. You want to break the head of the tagger, you want to yell at her and you want to tear your hair off your head. How would you have all this fun doing a self picked tag? Vinay and RiverSoul, you are requested to write poems in response to this tag. Oreen, you will do it in your own inimitable style. Pigs, poems, pilgrimages - all allowed.

Do I sound like a Bhenji who has given the homework? But then, remember Once a Bhenji, always a bhenji. But it is okay, no time limits, take your time.

Thought Safari, did I do justice in passing it on??


Roop said...

and when do you eat? bhukh nahi lagdi saara din?

also, abandoned roads? in India? oh vi, in L..ana?

u faaltu de poetically romantic types are too abstract for me to understand ....

now if u had tagged me, then i might've made an effort to understand. :p

heeeheee just playin'. as usual, fantastic writing ... and i look forward to read what others have to write. i don't think i'd be able to do justice to such a beautifully abstract thought that any of y'all can!! so it's always a pleasure to read. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

done...!! it'll be up on thursday...!! count on it!! ;)

RiverSoul said...

Same here teacher!
I'll come tomorrow with my homework.
Thanks for the tag, mampi

PARRY said...

So the day started nice with jogging and was passing of peacefully until after some book reading it ended all of a sudden.
A hurriedly done tag? :)

Sidhusaaheb said...

I would've preferred the setting to be a personal library with a fire burning in the hearth, with a rocking-chair or two and a chaise longue in sight.


Gagan said...

Hehe....Loved the tag....bahut mazaa aaya pad ke!!!! And as frail to disappoint me....loved every word....very interesting and classy at the same time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish i could lie down on a beach with a beer in my hand and watch the waves go up and down. And do absolutely nothing else.

That would be a perfect day for me.

Mampi said...

Roo-We are done with the issue, arent we? I know your BHukh point, but you are forgiven. Hanji abandoned roads in India, is possible, waddi ayee umreeka wali. Tag coming your way too.... Hahaha, I know i wont tag you on this, massie massie ta tu brillante keeti ae.

Vinay-Looking forward to it.

RiverSoul-Pleasure is all mine.

Parry-Yeah, hurriedly, if you call one and a half month long thought hurried. Basically I am a day person and can work with the best of my faculties only while the sun shines, os magron asar ghatt janda hai.

SS-Honored, grateful, that you chose to give your own type of day here. I would have tagged you but then I thought you might think it is for a link back, hehehe. I know i m mean. This morning is a mean one. But i love the library setting too. I would add a big mug of masala chah too.

Gagan-Thank you so much. Encouragement like this keeps a lesser mortal like me going on from one post to another.

Philip-Yeah, the kind of life you are living out there, this is the best kind of day you can plan. Hope you find one soon.

S.M.A.R.T said...

You did too, Mampi :-) I'm soo happy you did this... and your kind of day is making me feeling all cozy and sleepy already!

And thanks for that list... so many more new blogs to go through now!

Pinku said...

lovely tag...i think the most innovative one I have seen till date...will love to take it forward, though dont know know if i can do it credit the way you did.

lovely word picture.

Life Begins said...

haan ji...zaroor...i accept the will be done today :)

You r a great ur imagination.

Mama - Mia said...


a wonderful day indeed!!! wishing you lots of em, like these!!



Anonymous said...

i have posted mampi...!!! hope i have done it justice...

Imp's Mom said...

terrific imagination lady! and i love the song playing rite now..tu mane ya na mane...

Life Begins said...

Done :)
Have a !!

my space said...

Mampi great yaar...v vivid pic! Btw I`d prefer listening to vividh bharti or some old numbers on such a day rather tahn dhinchak FM!

Anonymous said...

An imaginary full Day spent with a Book look like a natural day for you, who always had been in store of books at home, when you had plenty of time too at your disposal- of course before marriage.

Isn't it?

Nice posting with a fluent expression of appropriate words.

For me it seems to be an original, and not an imaginary
day spent with your own SELF.

Keep it up!


Devaki said...

Beautiful! Reading your description, I feel like changing my day from a monsoon to a winter one!

Mampi said...

SMART-(thank god you have abandoned this nick)Your wonderful tag is travelling far and wide now. Good things must spread.

Pinku-You will do it better than me. You are far more creative.

LifeBegins-Am looking forward to reading you as the day.will comment there.

Abhs-Thank you. I wanted to tag you too, but then I see your hands are full already with long posts. I thought you might want to break my head if I did.

Vinay-You did a brilliant job. Ive left my comments there.

Imp's Mom- This set of singers with their Sufi touch is my favorite.

MySpace-Yeah, Vividh Bharti would have been a better choice, even at my end.

Mama-Thank you. Life changes for the better. Now I snatch time to read.

Devaki-Yours is beyond comparison. I loved it. I am yet to do your tag, next is the Characters Tag.

Oreen said...

oh, thanks for tagging meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

am so happy, i can't even make any head or tail of your post...

(okay, am being's nice and made me even lazier)

Manasa said...

Surfing the net after 3 days. Woow.. just loved the day you're.. I've done that many times on a winter day :)

I will write down the tag soon.

Gazal said...

yes maam.

ofcourse will curse you like all good students for that homework.

but reading that tag was like reading my mind about a perfect day.

looks like all devils think alike.

yes maam.

Ashwani Saini said...

Can you advice me on how to put music on the blog.

Mampi said...

Oreen-I expected you to be nasty. You have been nice too many times. It was so hard to digest that. Now do the tag. I m such a bully, hehe.

Manasa-Missed you. Waiting for your tag.

Gazal-Devil, finish the work asap.

Ashwani-You can go to and make a search for whatever you want to listen to or put up on your blog. The selected page will also have a code to embed on your page, copy it and paste it on a new widget on your blog with 'html'. Bass, save it and it will show on your blog. Would be happy to help if it doesn't work like this.

Anonymous said...

nice idea for a tag...i wud like to be a lazy, chilled out home, with a book n a cuppa coffee..


That was a very good post..It had clarity simplicity and above all, it just tried to extend the limits of itself..Good writing is always like that..
wishing you more happy days
I am in a confusion
The "perspective of a painting " is fading ...I am actively interfering which is the same I do in "real" life..Watching things without "glasses" is always a challenge..

Indian Home Maker said...

That's was such a lovely description it made me want to have a day just like that one... maybe with a hot cup of coffee on the table beside me :)

oceanic mirages said...

:-) Interesting indeed.
your posts are as refreshing as only they can be...

oceanic mirages said...

Also do read my response to My Being human post and i want a feedback.

Pinku said...


am here to submit my homework!!!

Mampi said...

Mandy-Excellent idea to spend a lazy day.

MIP-I think I understand the confusion, but then this confusion is what leads to creativity? What is life if cut and dried predictably?

IHM-Yeah, coffee, on the side table, on the header of the blog, hehehe.

OcMi-Thank you. But I dont think I can match your creativity ever.

Pinku-Homework checked, graded. Love you for doing it.