Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Sanity's Sake

Writing it in the middle of the page does not automatically make it a poem. It is just a jumble, a confusion of words.

The sound of blasts
the rumble of hearts breaking
joints cracking
cries of faiths bleeding…

The religions swell,
in the name of a God
who sits in his heaven
pretending all is well with his world.

Tyres-meant to
take us places,
burn in our necks
to char away
the foundation
of our existence.

Trains-meant to take us
to destinations
become burial grounds
and crematory fires
of life.

How long will be
till we realize
the answer lies in us
to value our own selves
to value the lives
around us.

Till we wake up-
bombs will blast
fires will blaze
children will cry
pyres will burn
Life will be desecrated everyday.


Anonymous said...

Very well expressed thought. True!
Things meant for the benefits are the instrumental in the destruction of exhistence of life.

Your Feelings are appreciable posted here in a beautiful poetical form.

Destructive minds walian nu Parmatma sumatt deve.

God Bless you to pen down more and more, what you feel!

Keep it up!


kiran grewal said...

I don’t know what the hell, is gone wrong with these animal like human being either they have gone mentally sick or they don’t have hearts. How can a human being so cruel to other human being, haven’t they seen their parent’s, kids, crying for them when they are hurt or being scared when something goes wrong with them. I had lost faith on this religion like stuff. These are the man made issues to create a mess on this earth its all rubbish. I just hate a human being who fights on the issues like religion. A man who can not value other human feelings, its same to call him a human, he is worst than an animal because I think animals are better than these monsters.
Didi, you have written wonderfully. Keep it up.
God bless.

Kiran said...

wow! you have expressed it really well...beautiful poem!

Majaz said...


~Hemanth~ said...

Sad but true! And, well written

Sidhusaaheb said...

There is a slogan for a WWF i.e. World Wildlife Fund campaign for educating people who encourgage poaching by purchasing wildlife products. It says, "When the buying stops, the killing does too."

The killings, in the case of humans in our country, whether carried out in the form of communal riots or bomb-blasts, occur because there is demand for such killings, on account of hatred for those who are different.

For instance, political parties that are widely accused of inciting/promoting/organising communal riots are often rewarded with a huge number of votes, following the riots. Obviously, those who vote for them do so because they are immensely pleased with their 'work'.

The bomb-blasts, in turn, are aided, to a great extent, by the hope of 'revenge' for the large-scale killings/rapes carried out during the communal riots.

The rate at which communal riots are investigated and convictions of those responsible for these against the investigation and conviction rate for bomb-blasts is another interesting story.

Where/how does it stop? When people stop buying into the hatred peddled by hate-mongers and encouraging them to carry on looting, killing, maiming and raping.

Anonymous said...

Good one. But do you honestly believe that someone with a warped sense of morality and primitive religious beliefs has any feelings about other's pain?

Same goes with the ultra nationalists too.

Pinku said...

well expressed. Till we wake up from this stupor and wake those around us nothing will ever change. A few misguided people will keep wrecking havoc on the masses.

Manasa said...

Par honi ko kaun taal sakta hai?

Mama - Mia said...

beautiful, Mampi!

its the biggest paradox in this world that such dastardly acts happen in the name of god...

saw A Wednesday yesterday and it hit too close home... when will this madness end? and what kind od world is this to bring up our children in?!


Mampi said...

Mama-Not the things, but human beings who are responsible for the cruelty. Well, yes better sense should prevail, there should be stricter punishment too.

KiranG-No, our laws have loopholes, we are cowards.

Kiran-Its hardly a poem dear. It is what you and I feel about these issues.

Majaz-Lets Yell again.

Hemanth-Thanks for your encouragement.

SS-Very rightly put. We are in the middle of a vicious circle. It makes one want to yell loudly.

Philip-the problem is with the patronisation of these animals.

Pinku-Absolutely right. I am linking your write up with it. I loved it so much.

Manasa-It is hardly honi yaar.

Abhs-Wait till K grows up and asks you questions. You would want to kill these perpetrators of these hate merchants.

Monika said...

very well written... i feel so sad about all this that i cant even stand talking abt it now though i know it should not be that way

Pinku said...

hey thanks for the link...but u know what my god doesnt stay up there...he stays in my heart right here on earth and he is very disappointed with the way we treat each other...coz he always in all languages, through all holy books, says only one thing 'love your fellow beings' that we choose to ignore Him is our weakness not his.

Gazal said...

beautifully expressed...

we all see this with a sad heart....with a certain helplessness...and a prayer .
i hope its not me or my family

Anonymous said...

Your post bleeds of pain, Mampi!!!

Such beautiful expression!!

RiverSoul said...

Your questions may only be answered wen the lord himself descends upon the earth.
I hope, However, That realisation will dawn soon!
Well written.
Hats Off!

PARRY said...

I agree with sidhusaaheb's view. he has nipped in the bud. Until a messiah comes along to save humanity this will go on and on. Coz time and again man has proved that he cant sort out its own created problems himself.
The off the cuff poem certainly tells how deeply the recent delhi blast incident has touched u.

kiran grewal said...

India is loosing its secular meaning. I can say this only.

Mampi said...

Monika-Yes, for a day or two even I was totally shocked. Then I thought I had to take it out of my system.

Pinku-Yes, I like your God. That is why I wanted to yell at the God that is used as a cover for this violence.I still count it as His shortcoming.

Gazal-Yes, whatever happened to universal brotherhood.

Nova-Wish we did not have to say this.

RiverSoul-Nah, just the HUMANE in the being would suffice.

Parry-We dont need Messiah, we need to awake our own selves. I read Pinjar and found that we have not grown.

KG-Secular is a word to be learnt in class VI and then forgotten.

my space said...

Very well`s painful and shameful act but I am sure God is not just sitting up there..bada karastaan hain...don`t loose hope...night is the darkest when dawn is just around..

Himalayan Adventurer said...

Mampi, I do come to your blog periodically and then also visit some blogs of other bloggers who regulary visit your blog to have a glimpse of many facets of life and society that one misses normally. One visitor to your blog commented on 'For Sanity's Sake' asking if the perpetrators of such crimes are mentally sick or they are animals. By the way, mentally sick people are never mass murders, and animals do not plan and execute such crimes. Let us not blame them.

DeeplyDip said...

Well said. And very true. It is a shameful act and it pains me to know the value of life is so cheap in our country. While we have been developing at a rapid pace, we are losing so many of our people in such criminal attacks. God bless those who died in the Delhi blasts and their families.

Indian Home Maker said...

This is the second one of your poems that made me wonder why you are not into full time writing. First one was about Sita. This is beautiful. Linking it to my post on growing intolerance in India.

Balvinder Singh said...

Such type of brutal acts send chilling reminders that firstly the Rakshas Jaati (The Devils of our mythology) still exists, secondly that like rupee the human life is also losiing its value day by day and thirdly that our administration is in deep slumber and do not wake up even after listening to the sounds of the blasts or wailings of the widows and orphans.

Life Begins said...

Such emotions, such touching words - it can be only u who can convey this thought so well.

BTW, zara mere blag pe aao.Aao abhi

Manish Raj said...

Hi Mampi

You have expressed the point very well.

I liked the second last line (or stanza) the most..

Keep posting..

Priya Joyce said...

I don't have words to express the excellence with which u have written this.
I will say we need more writers like u who have the skill to keep readers glued to the post even when its such a topic which many don't really bother these days.
I am very happy that there are people like u in this blogsville.
afterall its all happening here how can we just ignore that.

Devaki said...

Well said! The poem and the thought especially!

DeeplyDip said...

hey come to my blog - another award waiting for you :)

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged, please check my blog

Anonymous said...

manpreet, i dint know u cud write such powerful poems... very well written...

Inexplicably said...

I've tagged you. Check my page.

Indian Home Maker said...

There's something for you on my blog :)

chandni said...



Unless and until we become less passionate about "ideas" we ourselves have created, it will continue...Every idea is mediocre..Mind is mediocre..We always glorify mediocrity..and find security in them..Killing too originate from ideas..But killing is real..Massive destruction is real..Pain is real..
If allowed to take something when I die, I love to take a joke book.
Jokes are holy, because they keep thoughts away..
I pray for a mass amnesia so that we forget all our ideas of divisions and gods...
very very nice post..
share the same pain and feelings..

Mampi said...

MySpace-Amen to your words.

Himalayan Adventurer-You are right. Calling them animals is actually an insult to animals. You encourage me with your periodic visits here.

DeeplyDip-Today there is the news of Pakistan Bomb blasts. What is happening? The Blogging Friends Forever award is my first and I am grateful. Thank you so much.

IHM-I am honored by your remarks. But I think I have a long way to go as far as full-time writing career is concerned. The award is coming from you is such an inspiration. Thank you.

Balvinder-I think we ourselves are responsible for these acts happening against us. The day We put our foot down to say no to apathy for our fellow beings, these killings will also stop.

LifeBegins-Thank you. And the surprise on your blog was totally smashing. You made my weekend.

Manish-Thanks and please keep visiting to encourage me.

Priya-Yes, it has been our attitude to shove the problems under the carpet. That is why we are suffering.
I am humbled by your words. Keep visiting please.

Devaki-Thank you. Your post on the subject was awesome too. You inspired me in fact.

Ritu-Manpreet is the name. I will be doing the tag in this week. Can you believe I have FIVE tags pending. I would be hanged to death if I dont finish them this week.

Mandy-Glad you liked my rant.

GP-Tag picked. Will be done asap.

Chandni-Thanks. I am bookmarking you and will read your rhapsody.

MIP-I think this pain is in everybody's share but many of us choose to put it behind. That is when it hurts. Let it pinch us and let the pain remind us that we are human and owe our fellow beings a duty.
Thanks for your visit and encouragement.

Salil said...

Good one. For a person of my intelligence, anything written in the middle of the page is a poem!
'in the name of a God who sits in his heaven pretending all is well with his world' - so does the politicians. So is politicians=god?
Well, if you go to Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, it is written 'government's work is god's work'. How ironic considering what is happening in Indian politics :-)

seema said...

it is good the way u have expresed ur feelings about the situation.

very sad.

good post.