Monday, September 15, 2008


It was a couple of days ago that Parry Singh (incidently, I have two blogger friends sharing this name) left a comment on one of my poems and expressed his wish to 'make it into a song.' I had just smiled it away thinking that my poems or whatever they are, are not lyrical enough to be sung. I keep my Punjabi poems away from this blog because not all the friends visiting this blog understand the Gurmukhi script.

Nonetheless, he took the trouble to email me the musical version of my words two days ago. I was wonderstruck. My poem perhaps is not very great, but his gesture took my heart away. That you thought of giving music to a Punjabi writing means a lot, Parry. I request all my friends to go to his post and listen to this and to leave comments there. It is not very lengthy. Even if the words are in Punjabi, you would definitely enjoy his music. You can read the text of the poem here.


my space said...

Chha gaye ji Mampiji!!Very good..I heard it-its really short but melodious- and unfortunately cannot read Gurmukhi :-(..Tried my hands at learning it and failed miserably!!

~nm said...

Mubarakan!! Tussi chha gaye ji!

Can't hear to the song from work. Shall hear it at night after I reach back home.

Am feeling so proud that I know people like you!

Pinku said...

hey..thats so cute...such a lovely put up a translation even if approximate us ignoramus can also understand.

Anonymous said...

Read the latest posting,followed by listening the music in the voice of Parry.
Wonderful job he did!

Put this on YouTube for more listeners.
Very soothing effect of eyes is there, cool and melodious too.

'Kaghaz de Purze' vich jaan pa ditti hai awaaz ne.

Keep it up!


Sidhusaaheb said...

Seems like we have another Punjabi rocker in the making, a la Rabbi Shergill, with you being his lyricist...


Imp's Mom said...

awww...that is a lovely gesture! very melodious and he has a beautiful voice...too bad I cant read gurumukhi :-(

Anonymous said...

Do the 'Eyes' fully convey the individual 'I'? I donno. I've seen beautiful pairs of eyes, but some eyes are poetic. They draw mental pictures, they can see the unseen. Kudos to the poet! Parry's voice is soulful. Sounds like a Country song - simple and touching.

PARRY said...

Frankly speaking Manpreet it did not came to my mind that this poem will be the theme of your next post. I just thought that you will be linking my blog from your poetic blog where you have posted this poem or something like that and that too would have made my day, but a POST ?? well thats too much to ask for.
Not a blogger in true sense of the term as I am not good in writing and not being in the habit of seeing so many comments on my blog I am really awed and flabbergasted courtesy YOU! :)

Mampi said...

MySpace-Well, I am sure his music compensates for any knowledge of the script.

nm-dasso dasso, if you have heard it, then comment on Parry's blog please. It is basically his effort.

Pinku-I dont know if I can do the translation. Might try a private email types for you.

Mama-You put it beautifully by saying he has put life in the pieces of paper.

SS-He has a nice soft voice, nahi? I am sure he will find many good lyricists once he starts to take his music seriously.

Anonymous-Yes, Eyes are amazing. This one was a sad happening with the eyes. Parry really sings well.

Parry-Blogger, well everyone who blogs is a blogger. Koi Tamgha thora milna hunda...But the pleasure sure is mutual. I felt great about you giving your voice and music to the poem. This post is a tribute to your talent. This is the least that could be done.

Manish Raj said...

Mampi this is nothing less than wonderful.

Though I fail to understand Gurumukhi, but the composition is so nice.

And Parry, you are amazing dude. God Bless you. I tried Spanish for some time during colleges but could not pursue.

EXSENO said...

I went there, I listened and I left a comment. I loved it, it's wonderful. Your friend did a good job, setting the music to your poem.

Monika said...

chak de phatte :) :) tussi cha gayee ji.... still have to hear the poem... forgot the headphones home so will have to do it when i reach back :(

oceanic mirages said...

beautiful poem madame, simply beautiful. i would humbly request you to post the poem in Roman script so that i read it in punjabi.

dipali said...

Sounds great. Since I can't read Gurmukhi please post a Roman script version also.

Majaz said...

I heard it Mampi.. didn't get to understand much but it sounded beautiful!

Majaz said...

And I agree with the Roman/translation bit. Do put it up.

Mampi said...

Manish-Yes Parry has done a great job, hasn't he? Guess you could make out the words..

Exsenso-It is so SWEET of you. I dont think you know anything about Punjabi. But I am touched.

Monika-Where is your reaction after listening?

Pinku, Imp's Mom, OcMi, Dipali and Majaz- Yes I will put up Roman Script asap.

How do we know said...

oye congratulations hai. HUnn main challi sunan te padhan. Mud aa ke pher likhoongi.

Mama - Mia said...

have to get home and do this!!

but its indeed such a sweet gesture!! :)



How do we know said...

ਹੋਰ੍ ਮੈਨ੍ ਕੀ ਆਖਾ! ਕਮਾਲ ਕੀਤ੍ਤਾ ਜੇ ਡੋਵਾ ਨੇ ਰਲ ਕੇ. ਬੈ ਜਾ ਬੈ ਜਾ ਕਰ ਤੀ!!
Translation for non Punjabis: This is awesome!

Gazal said...

am sure i left a comment...hmmmm

heard the song...although could catch just's wonderful

Anonymous said...

damn good manpreet... i think its reallly sweet of a blogger buddy to mk ur poem into a song! really nice gesture!:)

Manasa said...

I listened to the song.. Lovely work.. Congrats ji :)

Mampi said...

HDWK-Murh ke ayee ta hai nai.Hehehe. Got the email and loved your words.

Abhs-Yes, I am so grateful to him.

Gazal-Thank you.

Mandy-It is indeed a great gesture. I am really touched.

Manasa-Thank you. Did you give a compliment to Parry?

RiverSoul said...

Heard it.
Loved it.
Didn't understand It

Hope A translations coming soon!

seema said...

beautiful poetry. parry sang it tooooo goood. it is just wonderful.