Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Jab We Met

That weekend we were to meet Pinku and Parry. They were breaking their journey in Chandigarh on my request on their way to Delhi from KairiGhat. We were to pick them up from Tribune Chowk. How will we identify each other? I wore a sharp yellow kameez salwar and told Pinku on the phone that when you look around, the prettiest female will be Mampi. Hehehe.

Sure enough, she located me across the crossing with the prettiness factor being the biggest hint. There she was, in a white kurta and jeans, with a bag slung over her shoulder; and with her was Parry, in a cool kurta and jeans himself, sweating profusely and with more luggage. Brave couple! Welcome to Punjab. Pinku has a sweet voice like that of a bird. Parry has a million dollar smile. Mahesh was waiting near the car to say hi to them. A perfect Bong Couple meeting a Perfect (errrrr???) Punjabi Couple-thanks to the blogworld. Jai was upset at having to squeeze himself in because he wanted me to go back to my seat in the front which I had given to Parry. Me and Pinku sat on either side of the back seat. Jai thought he was being squeezed in too tightly in his usually comfortable seat. He also took a great exception to our constant chatter. Rasan giggled at his remarks and told Pinku not to mind what he said. They both talked about other things. P and P had been in the bus for a couple of hours . And I knew they would be hungry. So, first things first, we went to eat at Aroma’s and had great fun catching up with each other’s lives. Not even once did we have those awkward moments you have while meeting someone for the first time. Six people - four cuisines- Rasan talking nonstop. (I have never seen her so animated with someone she is meeting for the first time) Usually Mahesh also takes time but he too was soon friends with Parry. He later commented that Parry is a cool guy.

We planned to go to the Chattbir Zoo but ParryAnka were short on time, so we decided in favour of the lake. It was a hot, sunny day that we had to brave. But we were all excited. Basically the aim was not sightseeing; it was to talk our hearts out. Jai constantly acted the spoil sport. He is one hell of a possessive guy. I often joke to Mahesh that he is stealing you away from me. Usually it is the husband who complains that the children are stealing the wife (in mother) away from him. Hopeless, that’s what I am. Hehehe. The lake, the heat, the crowd and then we started to walk away from the crowd. Talking about our lives, our jobs– we walked on. And boy, I was in for a surprise. On the foot of a lampshade was written a sentence in Punjabi. Parry stopped on the way. Read that sentence aloud. I was left gaping at him. “What? You can actually READ Gurmukhi?” I mean it is understandable for someone in India to understand Punjabi, but for a Bengali to read Gurmukhi, it’s amazing, it’s stupendous, it’s actually impressive Yaar! Pinku had earlier told me that Parry had lived in Punjab as a child owing to his father’s transferable job, but it was splendid to see him remember the script. He told me that he had worked on it consciously. How many people do that?

More talk, more dekho around, and suddenly a young man about 23-24 yrs old came. Said, “Excuse me, Ma’am.” I thought it was some student from the past. He said, “You look wonderful.” I was stupefied. What is this? He read my mind and immediately let the cat out of the bag lest he should be slapped, or in extreme circumstances, the lady be flattered enough to jump into the lake. Pointing at his friends he said, “Well, I had been dared by that group of mine to go tell the lady in the yellow that she looks good.” I said, “Well, you actually made my day, thank you.” And we all laughed. The talk freak that I am, I told Parry-Pinku that it has happened once before with me.

I was in M.A. II and we had been invited as guests to the welcome party of the MBA I semester by some friends in that department. The whole of the big University auditorium was full. The MBA deptt’s party used to be one to be enjoyed. The invitation was rare and much coveted. Obviously, we were really honored to be there. A set of giggling, unassuming type of girls, that’s what we were. Freshers of the new batch were being invited to the stage and asked to do weird things. There was this guy Abhishek, not Abhishek Bacchhan yaar. This one was a short, thin childlike boy who was told to give a flower to the prettiest girl in the hall. There was a stunned silence in the Audi. Now who would he go to? Jiske pas bhi jayega, maar khayega. And can you believe it? He came straight to me. Arrey, lambi lambi nahi chorh rahi hoon. Sach mein aya. I was flattered, scared, embarrassed. I was nowhere close to what the MBA people would call pretty. Well, nobody in their right senses would go give the flower to a plump girl in a 6-metre kameez salwar with full sleeves, spectacles on the nose, a thoroughly studious look and absolutely no experience in receiving flowers. The game required him to bring the girl back to stage and gift her a pen. Now that part was okay, I needed a pen anyways. I went with him to the stage, and courageously brought back the pen. I was not exactly on cloud nine, but flattered I definitely was. Because that was the first and the last flower I ever got from a guy. After the function, he came to me and said, “I hope you didn’t mind. Well you seemed safest to give that flower. You see, I knew who you were. My dad is Principal in ….. College, and he knows your mom (Mom was then Principal in another college in the same university). So I thought I would go give you the flower, and later apologize. I hope you dint mind ”

Mind? Were you kidding, Abhishek?

Coming back to Pinku, Chandigarh and Parry (poor dears, they got to hear this story then and there), our meeting was soon going to come to an end. Parry was expecting his dynamic friend P whom he had told that he was in the city. I tried to threaten him with dire consequences because I had planned something else. But then I had to abandon my Punjabi ways because “the friend” had a more towering personality than me and Mahesh put together. As soon as she came, I accepted my defeat and let them go. With a heavy heart of course. Because I had planned some more hours in their company, but then friends are friends, and friends need to be with friends even if the friends are with other friends. Sob!Sob!

The meeting with this blogger couple is definitely the beginning of a bond that is beyond regions, beyond languages, beyond limiting factors that divide people.


Pinku's post on this meeting is really wonderful. Parry has taken these pictures and they both together have proven how powerful people's backs can be !!


Sidhusaaheb said...

Viva la blogging!


Prettyness factor? Talk of blowing one's own trumpet, eh...

Pinku wore a Pink kurta. That was bound to help with the identification.


BTW, I've been to the City Beautiful yesterday. It was more of business than pleasure though.

Pradeep said...

What I liked is the point you make about the widening horizons of bloggers. I also believe in that and it's very true. Though it was short, I am sure you all had a good time.

PS: When I have to meet you, I am sure I won't miss you!

ANWESA said...

gud post,it was gr8..

Anonymous said...

Hum Punjab aayenge to hamko bhi lunch/dinner khilaoge kya? ;) Is it the first time you are meeting anyone from the net?

I have met three friends from the internet. All of them thru my blog. All from hyderabad.

RiverSoul said...

Looks like you guys had a gr8 time.
Hee hee.

Manasa said...

Nice :)

Guess, your hubby might have been jealous when the 20 year old spoke that way.

kiran grewal said...

Oh it was really nice. I too enjoy such friendly meetings. You know you are really very pretty women. I am not lying. Your kids are very lucky, to have parents like you. I love jai’s possessiveness. Because I am exactly the way he is. Aries………he he he.

Anonymous said...

Very nice posting- meeting a blogger as Jab We met.

Your horrizon becomes wider as wide as you wish.

Meeting and having fun in a Panjabiat way as a host,is the
real lively part of this post. Carry on !

Recalling the Audi(GNDU) scene added a flavour in your meeting.

May God Bless you with more spirit to spread the KHUSHBOO of Panjabi Culture regarding hospitality among your blog-circle.


Mampi said...

SS-Own trumpet is to be blown by one's own self, otherwise it doesn't remain your own anymore.

Pradeep-The not missing each other is so true. The 'prettiness" factor is mostly false and totally exaggerated. I often do that. Please make necessary adjustments to that, he he he. Yes, meeting her has taught me some lessons. Her ideals and her way of thinking is so original.

Anwesa-Thank you. Do keep visiting.

Philip-Tum ao toh sahi. Khila Khila ke maar daaloongi-woh bhi khud ki cooking. I mean it is really horrible. HeHeHe. It is the second blogger I m meeting. First is a 70-year old poet whom we had met. But I didnt do a post about it. Might do it belatedly.

RiverSoul-Oh yes, we had great fun.

Manasa-He was away at that time, trying to keep Jai amused so that at least we three could have good time together.

KiranG-Possessiveness di aisi taisee. But I know some people who have done weird things out of possessiveness. HeHeHe.

Mama-It was indeed great fun.

Hip Grandma said...

nice account can relate to it.i too felt excited abt meeting blog friends and am glad i did.

Indian Home Maker said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!
I find it fascinating the way blogging connects people.
LOl @ the prettiness factor for identification :)

Gagan said...

Wowow....what an amazing experience it must have been....I had a lot of fun while reading felt great....truly!!!!

And yes, the way you put it makes it even more interesting to read it....Glad to have found you!!!! ;)

oceanic mirages said...

m envious ;-)
i hop there r mor of such times.

Pinku said...


this post is about me and I seem to be one of the last to come to it.

But it did help begin an otherwise very blue Monday morning with a big grin.

Loved the post (had to after all i feature)

Am so glad we all met and yes though P's towering presence did cut it short but there was no dearth in the sweetness.

Hoping we catch up again soon.

Jasdeep said...

Really nice post...
lucky you...
I am missing the city beautiful...

Roop Rai said...

i miss chandigarh :(

just u wait

ima comingggggggggggggggggg downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! :))))

Oreen said...

man, you made a normal meeting sound so interesting!
awesome lucidity and the sudden flashback...

you are wasting yourself here, i say...

Majaz said...

Aww.. sounds like so much fun...

If you come to Pakistan, you have to visit me now! :)

Mampi said...

HipGrandma-I am so so so glad you came over to read me. I have blogrolled you without your permission, without informing you. Will I be punished?

IHM-Blogging always gives me something to look forward to, meeting being the best such thing. Prettiness overdone for fun. Hehehe.

Gagan-It really was fun. Things happened as I have described, I have not added anything - just my weird observations.LOL.

OcMi-Envy should lead to want to meet someone, let that someone be me; he he he.

Pinku-Well, I was so scared of your dhamkies that I didnt dare shout out, "go to my blog, go to my blog"-hehehe. Yes, I wish Parry had not told P that you were coming.

Jasdeep-How are you finding the new job and place. Blog about it, throw it outta your system.

Roo-I thought you missed me, Bah! She misses Chandigarh...

Oreen-Jeena Yahan, marna yahan, iske sivaa, jana kahaan.

Majaz-Oh yes, I look forward to coming to Pakistan.

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! that sounds like one helluva day!! :D

with compliments and conversaions flowing freely!!

wish i knew you when i passed thru Chandigarh on my honeymoon!! ;)

there will be otha times hopefully!! :D




That was a great post...
truly amazing..
"widening horizons of bloggers!"

take care

my space said...

Awwwww. that`s really cute. And yellow is such a rage these days... sweet post..

Nidhi said...

Wow! it must be a great feeling to meet fellow bloggers !
i have spent 6 years of my childhood in Chandigarh... brought back memories :)

adi said...

thats the power of blogging mampi :)

i think its my first time here, although i have seen u a lot on dee's blog

i loved this post. would go to the other blog and check their post too :)

take care

Imp's Mom said...

I had fun reading it and im sure u had your share of fun too :) Its really amazing isn't it the way blogging is connecting people...

great post:)

Mampi said...

Abha-Plan a second honeymoon and I wont miss seeing you again. :)

MIP-Thanks so much for being so regular at my place. It encourages me to have you as a reader.

MySpace-Thanks. I have always loved yellow, I didnt know it was a rage these days. Thanks for telling me, now I will wear it at least thrice a week, hehe.

Nidhi-Thank you so much. Do drop a line when you happen to plan to come to Chd next.

Adi-Welcome to my space. Do keep dropping by. Yes, Pinku's blog is awesome. Do read her old posts also.

Imp's Mom-Absolutely yes. I look upto my blog as my door to the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey thats so amazing!!! You have indeed taken blogging to the next level :)

PARRY said...

U dint tell bout the expectations u had b4 this meeting and how much was frutified.
I too have met friends through net and one really has to be very lucky to find good ones. I bet u were and so am I.
Talking bout the flashback incident both the guys were 'Compelled' for it?? Seems times have not changed.:)
Well well Aroma? I guess I was not far from there may be loitering in 17. hehe..
So u missed me. So did I. :)

Balvinder Singh said...

The title of your post (my blog side bar displays only the titles of the recent posts of my fellow bloggers) prepared me for the story that how you and Mahesh met. However, the one you told reminded me how we used to have pen friends earlier which has given way to blogger friends. Great experience.

Mampi said...

Worldthrumyeyes-Welcome to my page. Loved your page too, and you already stand blogrolled on my page.

Parry-Expectations:will meet two mentally awake people. Result: Fulfilled. "Compelled?" I didnt get it, kindly elaborate. Well, we didnt come to 17, so thats why we didnt see you. BTW hor koi kamm ni karde, loitering toh ilawa?

Balvinder-Sorry to have disappointed you with the title, but it was never my intention. LOL. But yes, blogging is wonderful, and meeting friends, connecting to them is even more wonderful.
I am really honored to be one of the few people you have blogrolled on your excellent blog.

PARRY said...

Wat I meant was this :The guy in the party was compelled to give a flower and this aaj ka chora was compelled to show his guts.

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks Manpreet, i think blogging is taking me places and pleasant ones at that. And with reference to your comments in one of my posts where you have called me a senior, 'dosti vich tey kadey senior junior nahi suniya'

Mampi said...

Parry-Yes, that is the common factor. You dont think it could be my charm that automatically made them do it, eh? Bad of you.

Balvinder- I stand corrected on the senior junior thingy. Blogging is wonderful.