Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Joy Knows No Bounds

Some get one,

Some get two

I got three, nay four.


What do you do when three of your fellow bloggers, all better than you, and the ones with a wider perspective covered in their blogs, consider you worthy of the Brilliante Award 2008? You feel overwhelmed, teary eyed and touched. Yes, I am all three. To a cynic, awards like these might not seem as significant as they sound, but to a person like me who is being endorsed and being read by bloggers with greater styles of their own, it means a lot. It means that I was remembered when these fellow bloggers were making their list of the blogs that they thought could qualify for the award. And it is a lovely feeling. Inexplicably discreetly invited me to her blog to show me the award, Abha asked me if she could(yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai ji?), and Mandira simply added me to the list of her awardees. Reliable sources have reported that Roop was also considering me for the award but she decided she won't award me if I had already been awarded that. However, in my bout of lack of humility, I count the "award not given" but "considered-given" from her too. The height of humility, self awardation. (Is there a word like that?)

Thank you all four of you.

After accepting the award, I would read the rules of the award ceremony.

This award is for blogs whose content and design are brilliant as well as creative. (my design is horrible, I am sure, but I think my benign friends conveniently ignored that)
The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere.
1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.
2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
3. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brilliante Weblog.’
4. Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).
5. And then we pass it on!

All Checked...

I share the list of the blogs that I feel are a quality read and worth spending my time on:
And the awards go to (in no particular order of hierarchy):

Pinku-For bringing out the innermost turmoils of human soul, for offering a myriad view of all that she witnesses around her.

SidhuSaheb-For being a sensible user of his blogspace.

Majaz-For her simplicity, for the fire inside her that is wrapped up in tradition and yet is so effective.

HowDoWeKnow-For the honesty, the contemporariness in her blogposts.

Sujata-For adding colour through her camera, for awakening my own wandering spirit through her travel accounts.

ThoughtSafari-For being so unique, for sharing the journey of thoughts with us.

Phatichar-For scaring me with his brilliant stories.

Roop-For jolting us from the complacency about many issues through her banalities blog and Unchaahi blog. For being so passionate about her cause. I add her here, because I really really admire the way she puts up the problems and their resolutions and her rage in between.

ManInPainting- For the mesmerising sculpting that he does with his words.

Devaki-Her style always leaves me wondering about the top quality content she presents-in a very organised and balanced fashion.


Imp's Mom-For being a strong mom and sharing herself through her blog.

Well, I know I am well past the 7 blogs limit, I wish I had added more. But they all remain linked in my blogroll and honor my blog with their presence.
For me, all the blogs I visit are really enchanting. I am always impressed with the subjects you all choose, and the way you all present them. I guess everybody who is expressing herself/himself here through words deserves this award. Thank you all for spreading cheer and hope.


Anonymous said...

rofl @ reliable sources
you meant to use reliable's antonym, did you not? confusion ho gya thoda heeehee u kno i love u ...

by the way, my count is also four now with this award ;p. *same pinch*

on a serious note, thank you very much. i feel honored to be acknowledged by someone like you ... will write more on that once i do manage to do the brilliant blog post. i am also honored to be mentioned amongst some fabulously strong and intelligent women and men ... i am nothing in comparison and yet i am mentioned ... couldn't have asked for more.

ps: i do think there was some hierarchy thing goin on ahem ahem. heheee jk

Unknown said...

Thank you! Thank you!

Well, since this is the second time that you've awarded my blog.


I'll certainly provide the link-back, but can not promise to make any recommendations of my own.


Majaz said...

I am honored!!!

This is the first I've gotten so far, so you can imagine my excitement.

*jumps up and down*

Anonymous said...

hamku party hona ;)

RiverSoul said...

And how!

Trust me, your blog really is worth it.
Why else do you think I blogrolled you, eh?

man in painting said...

Thank you for believing that a painting can see the world around it..
it was a surprise gift..
thank you so much..
Baby B sends you 50 smiles and 75giggles...


Mana said...

Congrats :)

Pinku said...


thank you so much. Since i am the first one to be mentioned I like Roop will say there was a hierarchy in mind...hehehe

Love you for it, its my first award too like Majaz so am very excited and also a little humbled. I write mostly to satisfy my own urge to see words form. That someone should be affected by them is well, a welcome by-product.

Thanks once again.

Imp's Mom said...


Just chkd my email today, and came here wondering..im stunned humbled and honored. Thank you! And congratulations to you for winning this award :)

im still at the net cafe..my sys is almost ready, will put up a post soon :)

Oreen said...

man...quite something, and if i knew how to nominate you, i would have done the same...
you rock...

pyer ke paas sthaan hoga na?

How do we know said...

wow!! This is good!! Thanks a lot!

And this is also a window to some other mindboggling blogs!

How do we know said...

Oh, and COngratulations for winning this award 4 times over.. u deserve it so much!!

Mampi said...

Roop-Reliable. totally reliable. Congrats on your four awards. Dont you, like me, feel like dancing around with the four trophies?

SS-You are welcome. But you seem burdened with it. Breathe free. It is a no-liabilities post.

Majaz-Love to see you happy.

Philip-Tum miss ho gaye is mein se, jaane kaise. Party degi na. Pacca.

RiverSoul-It is indeed so encouraging to be read, to be known and to be blogrolled.

MIP-your words really have me awed.

Manasa-Thank you my dear.

Pinku-You are allowed to be happy about the hierarchy point. LOL. I love your blog, esp with the new header pic.

Imp's Mom-We miss your blog. You are you and that is why I thought of you for the award.

Oreen-Haan Pyeron ke paas sthaan thora sa bana loongi tumharey liye.

Mama - Mia said...

and you were acting all modest!! :D

well deserved and passed on!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Award!

I read your Blog-mates,
so credit goes to all bloggers who are so concerned about each other.
God bless your pen with more creativity and thoughtfulness.

Keep it up!


Unknown said...

Thanks, once again, your excellency!

I was, however, only making a statement of facts. I am hardly capable of picking out 7 blogs, out of the so many brilliant ones out there, including yours, obviously, each of which has its own unique flavour and style.


Trinaa said...

heyyy congrats :))

PARRY said...

My vote too goes out to you (if there is any such voting system!)as it were u who welcomed me to this world.
I still dont consider myself a blogger in real sense but I do understand the additive nature of it and I feel I am yet to catch the fever. :D

Anonymous said...

u really do deserve it mampi...!!

Mampi said...

HDWK-Thank you, these are just few of my favorite blogs. My blogroll has more. They are all deserving of this award.

Abha-you are the one who spreads the cheer around. Learning from you.

Mama-Thank you. This blogworld is more like family now - A family we can choose for ourselves.

SS-I understand.

Trinaa-Thanks my dear. Welcome to my space. Do keep visiting. I went to your blog and loved it. It is so cute and so fresh.

Parry-thank you. Did you mean additive or addictive? ;)

Vinay-Thank you so much

Kiran said...

congrats ! :)
keep it up !!

Anonymous said...

My my, it has already reached 21 comments in this 21st century. What a coincidence. Better rush to enroll myself for the 22nd slot - in advance for the 22nd century. Hope these original writings will find their rightful place in the blogospheric scenario. Build up your blog - no one to block your way, Mampi.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Keep writing. I'm sure you must be feeling damn thrilled.

phatichar said...

Honored. :-)

(Brings out a crumpled chit, which looks like the cheat-sheet of the 10th std board exams)...

And now, I'd like to thank Mampi ji, the 'esteemed' blogger who doesn't obtain anything cheaply, is very choosy about her words, and is a straight from the heart, no-nonsense blogger...I'd also like to thank my neighborhood weirdo, who has been my inspiration for such 'boo' stories all along. I would like to thank the peepul ka ped and the esteemed ghosts residing in it's myriad leaves, branches and franchises for providing me with such wonderful insight into their unseen world..and..and...who else..hmm..well, bhool gaya. Agli baar..

Once again (puts the chit away), thank you for this honor.

PARRY said...

I meant Addictive but now i mean Additive (hehe..) as Blogging surely improves, strengthens and alters human experience. ;)

oceanic mirages said...

congratulations lady...
u rock.

Unknown said...

What a fun read....I am so happy to stumble into ur blog....wow!!!!

P.S: I blogrolled you....I hope thats OK!!!!

Mampi said...

Kiran-Thank you very much.

Anonymous-Your words are highly encouraging. Inshallah, with your wishes, my writing will improve.

Pradeep-Thank you. It is so wonderful to be remembered, isnt it?

Phatichar-Copying not allowed at all, woh bhi speech ke liye? Your, your friends' and acquaintances' gratitude accepted and hung upside down in the ruins of the Plaza.

Parry-Oh yes, it is a whole new life experience.

OcMi-Thank you. It means a lot to me to have you visit my page.

Gagan-Do keep returning. Ikko wari wich bhajj na jaawi'n. Hehehe. Really honored to be blogrolled by you.

Anonymous said...

four ppl awarding u!! u lucky soul!! enjoy the glory...:)

my space said...

Mubaarkaan!! Well deserved Mampiji.

ThoughtSafari said...

Thank youuuuuu! And congratulations tooo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you jee! You made my day! :)

And the award is VERY well-deserved at your end - you might not like your template, but I like your blog for the content - you always have something new and fresh here, sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes fun and your song selection is simply brilliant. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, when r u going to through a party?

he he he

Sukhaloka said...

Oh gosh, it's YOU!
I suddenly realized that you're the Manpreet who left a comment on my blog and then a mail in my inbox :). Wondered who you were, then let it go - and now I've finally found your blog.
Congratulations on the award, keep the thoughts and posts coming!

Mampi said...

Mandy-Thank you. It is so wonderful indeed.

MySpace-Thank you so much.

SMART-Congrats to you too.

Devaki-You actually enjoy the music? I thought it was just for my own satisfaction that I was putting up the music. Thankyou so much.

Kiran-Party is Ice-cream with Jalebies. Come over have it.

Suki-I actually laughed at your OMG. Your expression of wonder is so sweet and so honest. And we do keep finding and losing and finding each other again in this big mad world of blogs. I have done that too. Please keep visiting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Excellent blog! Adding you to my blogroll and reader :)

Mai said...

Most many congratulations! The winning of awards is a true validation and an honour.

And something you really don't need, as you must know within yourself that your blog is really on the top of the heap.

Still it's good to be appreciated and acknowledged.

I love the look of your blog. It is clean and elegant. (I use little self-control on mine, splashing colour and pictures and widgets. I have done a little housekeeping recently, though).

Congratulations again and please keep up the good work. You have not obtained these too cheap.

Mampi said...

Worldthrumyeyes-Thank you so much for your encouragement. You are already a part of my daily scroll down the blogroll on my page. Keep visiting.

Mai-You came here after a long long time. I am honored that you like the look of it. Yes, these awards are definitely the validation because of the warmth they exude. Keep visiting please.