Sunday, May 31, 2009

Touching Moment

I received this as a forward in my email. The utter Punjab Police loyalist that I am, I had to share this over here. M, Kindly adjust.


Manasa said...

Didn't get what you were trying to convey :|

How do we know said...

ha ha ha ha ha.. yes i laughed at this one then too!!

please post ainwe hi.. more regularly.. thanks in advance for ur understanding.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Ha, ha ha! This proves my pet theory - fatness and fitness can co-exist!!!



Monika said...

ha ha I too got in email and laughed like crazy

Iya said... touching!!

Solilo said...

Ha...ha..ha.. I received a story too with this.

Phoenixritu said...

Its a pleasant well fed photo ... loved it, specially because the bellies seem to be shaking hands.

Baaki I do not know if there is any other significance

Pinku said...

Hey the touching Punjab Police look good...but I dont think M needs to adjust at all since he is uber fit.

Imp's Mom said...

LOL! what a touching moment :P

Rajindarjit said...

Load of fats carrying these fellows. How can we expect that they are able to chase a roiter,a decoit or a burgler?
With due respect to the most active department, I feel pity on the 'gogars' which hamper their activity.
Nice sharing!
Keep it up.

Oreen said...

awesome, awesome... very touching, indeed...:)

Quirky Indian said...

LOL! Indeed a touching picture! :-)


Quirky Indian

Anonymous said...

i got this and forwarded to a lot of our bloggers too... !! did i send it to you too ???

tell tell ??

Gazal said...

always there to SUPPORT you !!!

Gurinderjit Singh said...

This is the visual form of new Punjab Police "Salute" protocol..

'As per change to clause 113 of IPC code 13, All Punjab Police employees will follow this visual to ਸਲੂਟ ਮਾਰਨ ਲਈ (salute their seniors)

ਦਿਲ ਨਹੀਂ
ਮਿਲ਼ ਗਏ

Sidhusaaheb said...

They should go and see the Punjab Police across the border, who are a lot fitter, physically, probably because they don't indulge in the kukkad-daaru routine like these guys.


Veena said...

:) liked the title 'touching moment'

Aparna said...

Great photo. Wonder how these 2 managed to get into the force with bodies like that

Hip Grandma said...

so cute.i can't think of a better way to bond!So I don't need to worry about my tummy bulge and that's a relief. We do learn to see good in everything with age and I can't wait to show this to my children who get worried over every kg.gained and rejoice over every gram lost both for me and themselves.

Devika said...

hahaha!! how touching! :)

Thanks for sharing Mampi :)


Mampi said...

Manasa-Just the display of fitness level of Punjab Police, nothing much.

HDWK-I got a lot to post-most of it is aiwen hee stuff.

Sucharita-You are so right.

Anaam-Why don't you just copy it from here? I will email you too.

Monika-Yes, this pic has that power to make you laugh like crazy.

Iya, Imp's Mom, Oreen, QI, Veena, Devika-After all, What is policing without the human touch.

Solilo-Kindly forward me the story.

Ritu-God knows if the bellies are shaking hands or themselves, but there is perfectly no implicit significance.

Pinku-Well, he is uber touchy about PP.

Mama-This PP does not seem made for criminal chasing, they seem to be on VIP duty.


Gazal-what would we do without them?

Guri-Yes, tera hi tera IPC wich. Thanks for the Impromptu Haiku.

SS-I beg to disagree. They also have their own misfits and unfits in the force and our Punjab Police has perfectly fit officers. This picture is not a generalisation.

Aparna-As you can see, these bodies have been 'made' after years of hard work. I am sure they did not get into the force with these bodies, they cultivated them later on.

HG-Loved your take on the picture. Thank you for such a positive input.

Sujata said...

Very funny...I have to admit, it took me a moment to get it.....:D

Life Begins said...

and very very toucy indeed. I am all tears now :) :) :)

Anonymous said...


Da Eternal Rebel said...

LOLzzzz !!!!

All the public money !! :P

UL said...

hey glad you found me at last....thank you for all the wonderful responses....will reply to each in detail soon, but wanted to stop by quick to say thanks :) More later...did I tell you how much I cracked up at this touching moment? :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..good one!! how come i never got this on email??

Jagjit said...

Haha! The tummy buddies. Took some time to understand what you were trying to say :) First I thought it's some of your relatives who got a promotion, but was not sure. But I figured out (without reading the comments) :)

Pradip Biswas said...

Some of their counterparts are smarter than these two. They do not need a whistle to blow, their belly reaches earlier than them. But the pandal erected behind them are for what. Shall there be a belly dance to follow and they are waiting there for their turn.


What a touch!

Sneha Divakar said...

almost touching..

Anonymous said...

lolzzz...funny really:)And you are right-this happens only in Punjab!:)))))

Gabru said...

Really very interesting

The Survivor said...

You should check out the below link

I am sure you will find it hilarious.

Mampi said...

Sujata-If you were in Punjab, it wouldnt take u a single second to understand it.

LB-itna emosonal toe nahi tha...

Leo- :)

DER-yes public money, but more of it goes into the neta's big tummies than these small fries.

UL-write a poem on this touching moment.

Mandy-Yeah, think think why you didnt get it.

Pradip Biswas-LOL @the belly dance. I laughed like crazy at your comment.

MIP-Sneha-Bhery touching.

Mithe- nahi, it happens elsewhere too, i found out later on. Even in Phoren.

Gabru- :)

Survivor-Very hilarious indeed.