Sunday, August 09, 2009

the lock

Every night
Before sleeping
I remember
to lock the heavy gate
Outside the courtyard
Of my house
From inside.

I do not want
Any intruders.

I picked the golden lock
And pushed a silver key in.
I was attempting to lock it shut.


Anonymous said...

silver key in a golden lock?

its deep i think, but can't put my finger on what it means exactly...

loved the thought though! :)

Sneo said...

does it have a continuation?

sukumbho said...

The crux lies in those last lines and the mysterious golden lock and silver key combo. Could be deeply personal expressions to air the deepest thoughts. Can it be a Shakespearean imagery? But the attempt "to lock it shut" transports the poet to an isolated world of her own. It's the privilege given to the poets. Poetry, once written, can throw up various meanings.

Veena said...

:) nice poem..

Pradip Biswas said...

A gold and silver connection to keep the golden lock shut so that no intruder may enter. I am thinking and thinking. Possibly this blog means that.

Life Begins said...

I came
And i went
Locked in my own thoughts
to decipher the thoughts
which promise me
golden lining
in those silver clouds.

Phoenixritu said...

We need more - a p.s. and a p.p.s., this is really not complete

Sidhusaaheb said...

tay pher agaahaaN ki hoya ji? Taalay nu teil dein vaala si? aRak gya? :D

Rajindarjit said...

It happens sometime,
small incidents result in big events.
Carry on!

AjAy said...

trying to be Midas are you???

Pradeep said...

Good one, a thought-provoking simple poem. Not all locks have matching keys, and it'sn't easy to shut out the world from ourselves.

Mampi said...

Leo-Its just a thought, not deep nor shallow.

Sne-No, it ends there.

Sumanto-I can almost hear you speak, and I can almost make out your tone.

Veena-Thanks dear.

Pradip-Nah, the blog is open, no locks or keys involved.

LB-You got the meaning my dear. Thank you.

Ritu-This is complete.

SS-Nahio, tala nawa si. Aghaan kujh nahi hoya.

Mama-Yup, they do.

Ajay-No, I am just human.

Pradeep- I had just forgotten to match the key from the keychain. You are so right though.

Anonymous said...

Meaning tried the wrong key.. that is why only attempting not 'locked', but 'attempting to lock shut'?

UL said...

life is fill of such moments where our mind is forever trying to lock the world out, isn't it?Nice one, Mampi...