Thursday, July 22, 2010

I with You

I am a name
a face
a smile
a glow
to you.

To me
you are
a dot
in the dark
that you weave around

The dot
I refuse


How do we know said...

hmmm.... ai hai kidde layi?

Sidhusaaheb said...

I couldn't understand the second paragraph. What is meant by a dot in the dark?

Anonymous said...

I really loved your has so much depth in it..but HDWK is right..who is this for? When I read it first, I thought it was for your inner it?

Oreen said...

mm, lemme see... that dot in the dark is a soul whom you haven't met...whom you can't let go...whom you want to meet and don't want to at the same time...

chalo, ho gaya ji critical appreciation..

Mampi said...

HDWK- Only you could have asked this question.
SS-Chaddo ji, kee rakheya balle balle wich.

Mithe- Poem parho tey aish karo bas.

Oreen-Critics have dissected many a moment of creativity, and ended up as lost as the poet.

Ashwani said...

..welcome back Mampi..what kept you occupied all these days...

dipali said...

Thank God you have posted something!
(Zyaada samajh nahin aaya, par koi gal nahin!)

Anonymous said...

"I with You" for how long? Would You and I ever dig the us?

Pinku said...

reminded me of a poem read long ago about the two ends of a compass. Where in one end stays stationary while the other roams the world.

dont know why...but it did.

Gad to see u writing again.

Life Begins said...

welcome back to the blogoshpere. So ncie to see a post from you. Nice deep and thought provoking words...I suddenly remembered all those thoughts hidden inside .which are like a dark truths somewhere inside...about which noone knows and I want it to remain there silently and peacefully. i dont want to remember it neither do i want to forget about it.

maheshinder_singh said...

Wow Mampi, you did a splendid job. A crisp, meaningful and thoughtful poem. Write more.I liked the title best.

Anonymous said...

i am a blogger
an invisible blogger
with a blog that needs updates

it has a name



a header

a header that i have never changed...

:) Good to see you back :)

Rajindarjit said...

It sounds good to see on ur blog back. Keep it up!
Try to up date it with ur new as well as previous poem;
Very thought provoking poem it is!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

That was cryptic and enigmatic!

Manasa said...

Lovely one.

dedicated to someone special eh ;)

Sukanya said...

Through these simple words
you have expressed something very profound to you

and yet it leaves a lot of room
for the reader to imagine
what to make of it
from where they come...

beautiful lines!

Anonymous said...

Mampi, whenever earlier I logged on to your blog, there used to be a signature song welcoming the reader of your posts. In my last many visits, I have missed it. Sudhir

liju philip said...

Happy Diwali

Manish Raj said...

Where are you?

Mampi said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Jald aa rahi hoon...

Harpreet said...

cool.. yeah.. where is your song.. put a nice rahat fateh ali ... o re piya.. suits u.. :)
beautiful words n feelings u expressed there my dear..

shail said...

Love this one :)

kiran grewal sekhon said...

totally blank!!!!!unable to understand!!!!sorry