Saturday, April 29, 2006


It is a pity that India is once again in the middle of a debate on reservation. As an emerging leader in the world market in this era of globalisation, India has presented a wealth of talent-irrespective of caste or class. And suddenly our old old Arjun Singh comes up with this ridiculous idea of 27 percent quota in quality institutions of higher education. I wonder what would a "quota qualified" engineer or doctor do when the challenges of work come up because we all know that in order to satisfy the quota classes, merit is openly ignored. India, that is on the way to become a world leader, will suddenly be plunged into the darkness of middle 20th century when we were literally crawling and deciding what to do while the rest of the world was preparing to settle down on the moon.
And then our leaders ask-"why brain drain?" We want to reply with a "why not?"
Reservation, in all, takes about 50 percent of seats anywhere you go. What is there for our children maybe 10 years later if you introduce quotas in IIM's and IIT's? Why shouldn't we move abroad for equal opportunities if you cannot give them to us here in our own land? Now that the government is downsizing every department, it wants the private sector to bear the brunt of the already well-to- do so-called backward classes. We all know how handicapped our country has become due to reservation. Can we afford to make it yet weaker?
I only wish to know how do you produce the likes of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Partap Singh Kairon, APJ Abdul Kalam out of the shoddy practices of reservation policy??? Talent is not limited to any class. It does not know of backward or scheduled classes. Why don't our so called dynamic leaders come up with a logical idea of telling the backward classes to have more education and fight on equal grounds with the rest of the candidates in every sphere instead of marring the opportunities for all. As of today, the general classes are fighting for 50 percent of granted opportunity.The likes of Arjun Singh will die and leave behind the yoke of slavery to quota percentage. The country has suffered enough already. We were heading towards the "heaven of freedom" that Tagore wrote of. Where are we going now? Perhaps towards more anger, more frustration, more sense of having been wronged.
Meanwhile check this out. And I wonder how the writer justfies the quota in this article.


Anonymous said...

Leaving every other issue behind,i want to ask our leaders of India only one question that when we were fighting for our independence,was there a quota for who is going to make the most of sacrifice or who is going to fight at the front? was a common fight and right from the leaders to a common man,fought for the same reason.Then why cant we fight against unemployment or human rights at one platform???i dont think in that case we would have to think only for a particular section of the society.and how would we raise a voice against discrimination against our people in rest of the world when we are discriminating our own people in their own country in the form of quota's......

Aman said...

You Know Manpreet this is why our Country is in such a mess. We have so much talent but as a people we are not successful. Someday India and Indians might understand the real meaning of freedom and non-discrimination, and we may hope to succeed as individuals without crutches. I view reservation as another kind of discrimination.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Here is my personal experience regarding reservation, particularly for the 'creamy layer' among its beneficiaries: