Friday, April 14, 2006


That morning when I was going to my college and was about to take a turn to the road, I happend to see a beggar girl of about 7 years carrying a baby of about 1 year and both were crying. I slowed down and thought of asking them the reason. Perhaps they were lost, perhaps they wanted food, perhaps...... But then I moved on. I did not stop. Most of us would do that perhaps. Are we devoid of sympathy? Was I also devoid of sympathy? I was perhaps. So what if I could see my daughter and son standing there and crying? I chose not to stop. I don't know why.

And I am ashamed of myself !

Ritu told me about a newly born baby boy having been abandoned somewhere in a Humbran neighbourhood. A laborer finally adopted the baby. But what will happen when this grown kid would know that he had been left to die. His psyche will b tarred for ever. God forbid such a thing should happen ever.

I read about the Supreme Court order that no child would have to be born inside a prison in case the mother is serving the sentence. High time something was done to protect the children from abrasive atmosphere of prison. I wish some experiments could be done to bring out both serving mothers and their children out of the jails and given a properly monitored but decent life.


Anonymous said...

it was touching to read the post .i ponder if every citizen had a little bit of insight and innocent heart like you ,then this earth could be the heaven.And the saying could have been true that ,'heaven and hell are here only'. good luck to you and wish that your motherly,natural and sublime heartbeats keep rocking this almost heartless world. keep the flame up and going.
praddy sahota

Satinderjit Singh said...

I agree with you

Anonymous said...

We all are aware that India is on the way to being a super power of the world but i have only one question to ask myself and everyone who read this posting:Is it possible for a nation to become super power when our future is still striving for life on road sides??I appreciate that you atleast had some time to notice and write about the beggar girl with a crying baby when most of us just pass away without even looking at them.Good Luck..

jaspal pannu said...

That was so touching, I wish Country with so much population has some such people who can take stand against such gruesome crimes to make this land of gurus a better place to live.