Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just a Thought

India has reached the finals of Azlan Shah Hockey for the first time in last 12 years. It is no small feat for a country which had almost forgotten that there has to be a glory involved with the official national game. More than winning this game, it was about good playing - on and off the field. However, I wont be analysing the situations that have been laid threadbare before us anyways with the Gill vs Gill episode.

Indian Women's Cricket team has won Asia Cup for the 4th time in succession. A matter of pride indeed for all of us. And for the team that had to prove itself - against the norm that is the Indian men's cricket team. The so-called "Team India" - that is supposedly the sole honour bearer of a 100-Crore plus strong country, that is the symbol of the nation, that is the life and breath of a people who sleep and wake through their television sets flashing live their dreams through this game.

Both the news are found relegated to obscure corners of national newspapers. IPL and the teams named so spiritedly are spread all over the major and minor newspapers.

I have nothing against the IPL. For M's sake, I am even taking interest in the matches, and am trying to understand the score and the game.

Just an observation - from an Indian loyal to Hockey, from a woman proud of the Indian Women's Cricket Team's feat (however humble it might be considered), from a confused Indian about our priorities in the sports field.


Sidhusaaheb said...

It's all about the money!

If hockey or women's cricket can attract more spectators and, therefore, more commercial endorsements, those will be in the reckoning too.

Rajindarjit said...

India has a Golden history of Hockey which is gone in the wind due to the politics of neglecting the Panjab's players.

Hope it may regain its lost glory.

Your 'Just a Thought ' is a good feeling on the games issue.

Go on.


Maverick said...

true! we love cricket and it isn't just a sport for us, but the thing we've to realize is - it isn't the only sport

Manpreet said...

SS: You're right.

Mama: Its not only about neglecting Punjab Players. I feel it is due basically to ignoring talent and feeding personal interests on the taxpayer's money.

Maverick:Thanks for dropping by. Isnt it time for India to either identify the priorities or to be courageous enough to change them at least.
Kids are told in their GK Books -National Game - Hockey.
Kids ask, why is there so much of cricket on TV?
How do you explain the money logic that SS gave to a 10-year-old? Arent games all about playing?

Pradeep said...

Manpreet, thanks for visiting my blog and jotting down ur comments.

Glad to see that you blogged on this. The story of hockey has been one of neglect. We simply failed to adapt. There is no use in resting in past glory. Good hockey has simply not been a priority for anyone who matter. Even SRK movie couldn't help much.

Gurinderjit Singh said...

Thanks for touching the 'field' of hockey as I find our flavor of hockey is very well behaved as opposed to the Icy one!

Some one has to do the balancing act as does Canada by taxing high paid jobs and helping the poor. The sponsors can't justify the rationale where they sponsor a sport event and lose money. In India very few few people go and watch hockey, even international hockey matches. It is really sad.

Manpreet said...

Pradeep: Thanks for visiting.
Guri: It is indeed amazing to see the mindset of the people change. WE are living in a strange world - where murders become 'anokhi khabar' and games are rationalised by the money they get or give. God bless us !