Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roop's Tag

Roop had tagged me on these. Its my first one. I have worked really hard on it. Ever seen someone work so seriously on a tag?

I am passionate about:

1. Mahesh- though he would hate that I am saying this publicly…
2. Ghazals and Quwallies – Jagjit Singh and Nusrat Saab respectively
3. Reading – Fiction and non fiction, both
4. Punjabi poetry – all of Surjit Pattar, Shiv, and random pieces I encounter.
5. My Nokia N95 8GB – it allows me to take so many pangas with it
6. Internet –I pray for the endless existence of this amazing world
7. Work Out - More whenever I attack it with vehemence.
8. My work-place - with all its heat and dust.

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Own a Mitsubishi Montero- for Jai’s sake
2. To lose this weight forever and see a fit Manpreet in the mirror
3. Then Go for a World Tour – Just me and Mahesh
4. Publish all my poems ( I would do that sooner than waiting for the time just “before I die”) definitely before I leave for this world tour
5. Inculcate a lot more Jigra (at least as much as my mom and mom-in-law have). Jigra in Punjabi means a lot more than Patience
6. Appear and win in a gameshow that promises 5 Crores – it has nothing to do with the dream of the world tour, just recording for reference sake
7. Learn to do good makeup
8. Laugh and laugh and laugh.

Eight things I say often:

1. Oww come on
2. O Jaan de yaar
3. Theek theek laa lo
4. Got it? (in my classes)
5. Dafa karo ( I know its rude, but it is to tell myself to let go of things that annoy me)
6. hmm...well...
7. Exactly
8. Right…

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Entire Mulaqat-Ravi Mann
2. Aiwen hass ke na langhya kar ni sanu ishq ho geya
3. Mere dil dian too jaane tere dil dian main --- KOOLJEET (yes he is sach much cool)
4. Zindagi ki na toote lari, Pyar kar le ghari do ghari – Kranti (Film)
5. Saawal Sundar Ramaiiya – Bhagat Kabir’s Shabad - sung by Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar
6. Jinde jinde ni jinde – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
7. Kids’ rendering of “Phone Chakko Ji
8. Apni marzi se Kahan apne safar pey hum hain –ghazal by Jagjit Singh (among many others from the same artist)

Eight things that attract me to my friends:

Roop, I wanted to follow your example and ask only my best buddy M just as you had asked your best buddy P, but I planned a little variety. So, I tagged a few of my friends on SMS today and here is what I found. Well, most of it turned out sugary, so please take it with a pinch of salt.

1. Damdar, Charming Personality, Loving nature (Kiran you are so cute) and the Aura I create around myself – (ahem ahem ahem, I know I am not at the modest best, but I m being honest at least) Six of them said this, though I would have liked to know 'What' in Personality
2. Vivacity and typical Punjabi style of dressing and talking – Harpreet Vohra said this. Raghbir said it is the typical Jatti touch
3. Positive attitude (Thank you Ravinder Bhai, otherwise I m such a sloppy Capri), Friendly and Helping nature-three of them found me good enough
4. I am a little Kamli-said Bikram Sekhon and Ajay Bhaji (they are right) though Bikram later sent another sms saying “U r cute and have a spirit to fight in society” and Ajay Bhaji added that he is a little kamla too, that is what endears me to him.
5. I talk straight forward without any mean interest- a colleague wrote
6. My clarity of Fundas and Intellect – Daljinder and Santosh Basran
7. Simplicity and sense of humor – Rohit said
8. My Smile – Aww Avneet is always sho cute
9. Way of talking and accent – I got this from four of my contacts

However, I have saved the best for the last:

10- M found that (among other things) what attracts him to me is my Innocence and a Kind and Big heart. - No comments !!!
Roop, now this calls for a big Awww. See the amazing results when you put your friends to work? You come to know so much about your own self. Otherwise I also keep ranting that I m worthless, useless, talent-less, artless, everything less blah blah blah. Thank you, thank you, thank you all – this will keep me on the cloud nine for at least a month. Thereafter I will find some way to hang on.
…and this takes care of my homework.

Open to feedback and Inputs (especially to all those who could not SMS me :))


Sidhusaaheb said...

You are passionate about your work-outs and still haven't managed to maintain your weight? That sounds paradoxical.


'Jigra' means courage, I believe.

I'd prefer the Mitsubishi Pajero to the Montero, any day, BTW.


Er...Punjabi poetry reminds me, please do send across 'Mele Vich Jatt', whenever you can find the time to do so.

Thanking you in anticipation!


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Wow... that was a lot of info! I haven't ever read any Punjabi poetry. But well, given my knowledge of Punjabi being limited to Yash Raj films, I doubt if I'll understand it even if I find one somewhere. How is life?

Gurinderjit Singh said...

Don't you want to mention about your passion to debate issues??
Was it just a youth festival thing or you still do it over the dining table?

s bhogal said...

ur 8 things about life are interesting. more or less everyone has dreams,wishes and expectations from life but they might not be in the number of 8 for them. i am not sure if that tagg is only allowing u to put this particular number. if u ask me i have got even more the wishes and passions and the things before i die. may be u have achieved more of ur wishes and only 8 of them are left to be done.
good one. i like the way u have catagorised them and focused on the each and every one. stick to them .u will get there. hopefully u don't have to wait until before u die. u may be able to acvieve them a lot before than that.

Roop Rai said...

Nope you dont get an AWW. You get a WOW, YOU HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS TO SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOU?????? I can't think of anyone but a couple of people!! So, WOW for that. No AWW for you. Also, u were only supposed to write 8 good things other people say ... not 10!!! U self-indulgent person. hehehehe I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ! Is M jealous? Not that i really care. :/

Are u a doctor yet? Are you there yet? Are we there yet? Are we? ARE WEEEEEEEEEEEE? okie i'll stop now.

Muahzz for doing this. I thoroughly loved reading it. I could see that you had put in a lot of effort. :)) God bless. You're charming!

Rajindarjit said...

Lots of 8-8-8-8-8-and more.

It can take days to comment on this new blog;
but in short I pray to God for your success in your missions and commissions.

And I am sure that you can do what ever you think to do. You can reach your targets, this is for sure.

Waheguru tere ang-sang sahayi hove!



Manpreet said...

Well, SS, Life is full of paradoxes, some of them fell into my share.
Jigra is courage - but in family affairs and in women, it is primarily patience plus courage plus many other things- talk about gender specific terminology. Sending the poem to your email address.
Sudipta, thanks for dropping by. Intersting to see you interested in Punjabi Poetry. Let me know how I can help you in enjoying some. Would be glad to do that.
Guri, Debating is still my second nature, but outside the house-he he he. I have matured a lot from the person I was in early nienties. On the stage, I m still the same devil.
Seema, thanks for dropping by. Well life is a lot more desires and passions than these 8-8-8-, and yes many of them have come true, some of them will, in a few years time. Life is all about looking forward to things.
Roop, M is not jealous, he does not get jealous easily. And these 10 are a selection and precis of the 16 I had originally posted. Talk of self - indulgence. ;)
Thank you mama, your wishes always go a long way for me.

suhkwinder aujla said...

When ever i read your writing its very intrseting!!

I am always looking forword to your next post i loovvveeeee the way your share your thoughs through your blog.

.... ;)

When i am reading your post my mind loses it self in your writing.



I hope god gives you strenth to make not your 8 but for allll you wishes to come truu!

God belss you.

Luv sukhwinder

Nishtha Saxena said...

it's very interesting...
i like it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Here are my two tid bits. I really enjoy your writing style. It is easy and captivating. Your voice puts me at ease. I am sath samundar paar, but I feel good when I call you. There are times I just need to reach out and know someone is on the other end, and at times that person has been you. I like your charisma and outgoing personality. Kash I could fend off those whole criticize and belittle me b/c of my weight. I think I can attest that your wish to lose weight and travel the world coincides w/my inner dream. Gotta run. Much love, Sukhjit Bajwa

Manpreet said...

Sukhwinder Didi: Thanks for dropping by.

Nishta: Baby, I liked your blog. Where is your newest post?

Sukh:I understand the problems you face. Well, weight might be one of them, but remember my stance that weight is not the primary criteria that you should be judged by. Those who like to discuss should discuss theirs, not yours. And you are always welcome. I m glad that you had such beautiful words to say for me.