Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ishmeet is No More

I am hurrying up the kids to finish their morning rituals of getting ready and eating breakfast. Just before I am about to go drop them at the bus stop, my mother- in- law tells me that last night, Ishmeet expired. Shocked, I am unable to register the news. She, on her part, has to decide about whether the singing program she is organizing in her college is going to be held or not. I have to decide what to tell the kids. I ultimately decide not to tell anything to them. Just when I call their van driver to pick up the kids in time, he informs me that the school is closed. That the vans will not be picking up kids. I call my daughter’s class teacher to confirm and she informs me that they will be going to school, but there is no point sending children to school.

Ishmeet was the alumnus of R’s school – a recent one. R adored him. When he had reached the finals of Voice of India, and needed votes of people to help him win, R simply told me to sit on net, use all my email ids and go on voting every single day. I don’t like reality shows, I despise the hot exchanges of judges, and I hate the disappointed looks on the singers’ faces when they are told they sung badly. I hate the sound of dreams shattering on stage, on camera and I cannot stand people trying to make money and audience deriving a morbid pleasure from the debris of broken expectations. But I recall that I had told a few of my blogger friends to support him because R wanted him to win. That was and is the only reality show I ever saw. I recall how R somersaulted atop the bed with sheer joy the moment she came to know of his victory. I asked her, “Would he come to know that his school mate, a little girl is risking breaking her neck because he won?” She giggled, said she didn’t care. She was crazy, she was shrieking, she was mad with happiness. I was happy for her. Her dad was happy for her.

How can I tell her now, that he is no more. She has a bond with him – she is his fan, like many others. I finally tell her, she is shocked. Her first words are, “I feel like crying mama.” Usually she doesn’t express her sadness like this. When she says these words, I know her throat is choked but she won’t cry because she cannot know if she is to cry or not. In a state of daze, she changes from her school uniform into her home clothes. She is not happy about the school being off today – she usually is not happy about not having to go to school. She takes up her abridged copy of As You Like It that she borrowed from her library yesterday and sits. Then closes it, says, “Mama, I don’t feel like doing anything.” I tell her to take a nap. But she won’t, I know she won’t.

May Waheguru give his family and parents strength to bear the shock. May his soul rest in peace . R is repeatedly saying, I cannot believe it. We all cannot.


Roop Rai said...

Like I told you, M, R was the first person to come to my mind when I heard of the news. I left GNPS a long time ago and still felt proud that someone from the school I went to was gaining the popularity that Ishmeet was. I was proud to see GNPS principal, who we grew up making fun of, on a national stage due to Ishmeet. Not just me but everyone who has passed out of GNPS felt proud. Ishmeet did GNPS proud, Ludhiana proud ... all punjabis proud. You don't realize how much an impact a person makes until he is gone I guess. I never thought I would feel so empty as I do now that he is gone. Death is so sudden. So quick but with implications so strong. It's unfortunate that he left us at such a young age. I feel sorry for his parents, his family .. everyone really... all fans ... everyone else who he stood as a sign of inspiration for.

May he Rest In Peace.

Monika said...

oh my god this is shocking... i used to like his voice a lot... what happened? let me google and check... may god rest his soul in peace... saddening seeing children deal with these things... take care of her

Pinku said...

I read about his death in the morning papers and then again heard it on radio.

not being a TV watcher I didnt know him but fleetingly I thought of a promising young life cut short.

Now reading your post and especially thinking about Rasan's reaction, I come closer to the truth.

I am sorry for him and for all those whose dreams he fulfilled, including R and his own parents, friends and well wishers.

May God give him peace and his fans and family solace.

Maverick said...

I dont know who she is....but seeing ur reaction, she must be close to you. May her soul rest in peace.

Mama - Mia said...

i dont have cable at home, so i really have no idea. M mentioned in the morning that reality shows are defi not good for health after reading the news! though the death seemingly doesnt have anything to do with the show and is an unfortunate accident.

its indeed sad. and you do get attached to someone's screen persona as much as real life person sometimes.

Hope your daughter is feeling better.

Hugs to her.


Mampi said...

Roo - It was a sad day for us today, at work, cos he had studied in my college too for a year, though I had not taught him. And his school did a lot to support him. Read your post on it.

Monika-Yeah, I adored him too, for his silky voice. He was a gifted child.

Pinku-It is indeed a sad day for my city and for all his fans, all his family members and all those who were, in anyway associated with him. He was a celebrity in the making alright, but dealing with death of a young child is something that no parent should have to do.

Mav-He was an upcoming singer from Punjab and we had high expectations of him.

Abhs-Well, who knows some rivalry at the reality show resulted in this ultimate happening. All kinds of theories are floating.

Sidhusaaheb said...

JyoN jal maiN jal aaye khataana
TyoN jyoti sang jyot samaana...

dipali said...

Was really shocked to hear this on the news last night. He was such a gentle, sweet young man, with a lifetime ahead of him. Who could imagine that his life would be snuffed out so suddenly. I pray for peace for his family and all his well-wishers. May his soul rest in peace. That poor kid.

Manasa said...

Though I have never heard of Ishmeet before, I like the songs by Punjabi singers.

May his sould rest in peace.

How do we know said...

Manpreet, i m very shocked too. Cant get over the utter stupidity of this circumstance. What kind of resort allows no lifeguards near its pool?

That apart, i visited u with another request. Has Sukhwinder Singh ever sung Deh Siva Bar Mohe Ihe and Mitr pyaare nu or Soora so pehchaniye jo lare deen ke het or any of the Guru Gobind Singh ji Shabads? I m asking bcs if he has, i need it for my son (and me)... will u know?

Anonymous said...

Ishmeet Singh is no more?
sounds not believable.
But news is a reality.
for all who are concerned especially for R & U.

I recall last year's night,when we all (concerned) were busy on our PCs, for voting in his favour till the last minute available on the final day to vote.
A year of his fame is now a past.

There is something fishy in his death, I feel,some one may have pushed him in.....
other wise a person of his fame,gone for a show, away from parents, cannot take risk to go in deep waters, when he knew that he doesn't know swimming.

Any how, loss is irrepairable for the parents,family as a whole,for the fans,for all Panjabis, for the sikh community, whose name was on fame with his performance.
His talent was indeed a God-gifted.
It will take time to have another hero of his talent to find.

I pray to the Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and give courage to the parents,other family members and his fans, school/college mates of Ishmeet Singh.

Your posting on a young SIKH hero is a Tribute in a befitting manner. I know the feelings Rasan and you have,at this moment.
Take care!


Inexplicably said...

Please hug your daughter for me. I had only heard of Ishmeet and saw an odd fleeting glimpse while switching channels. But a little girl saying she does not feel like doing anything, breaks my heart. My love to her..

Sidhusaaheb said...

@How do we know: If you would like to, you can access Mitter Pyare NooN by Mohammed Rafi at

kiran grewal said...

One of my friend sent me message last night that ishmeet is no more, I replied back to her “stop this nonsense”, she was very sad, and many times she said me “kiran rabb even kyon krda” I got very upset and felt like crying I don’t know why I felt so sad though I had never gave much of attention toward his singing or his programme , I was aware that he got selected and once I heard him. Then my mom called me and said not to go for swimming in the morning, she was really scared, and was very sad.. In the morning also she called me and asked I m fine? And said “ jaan vala tan chalea gea pr piche valean nu jeena aukha kr gea, rabb ne pat nai khere karma di saza layi a maapean nu” I literally cried after mama’s call. He was just 19, he got so much of fame at this age . it is very sad news. May god give peace to his soul.

Mampi said...

SS-Agreed, understood, but what do you tell a child of 10 who slept crying? It is her first brush with death from up close. I found myself lost for words when I talked to her.

Dipali-Yeah, it was all a game of one year, he rose to fame, he lived in fame and then he went.

Manasa-We all pray for him and his family.

HDWK-Absolutely, it is so hard to even assume that the circumstances were as simple as a drowning in the pool in some pardes.
About the Shabads, I can surely look for them. I love Sukhwinder too. I will try to get back to you about this as soon as possible. Email me if you like to. I can attach the files and send.
Hugs to your son. How old is he?

Mama-It is totally unbelievable. She kept saying last night before sleeping, "I cannot believe it, I cannot accept it." I guess when she goes to school and when she and her friends sit together and share things, it would be easier for her to accept. Meantime, I m trying my best. Miss you around.

Gurpreet-I know you can empathize with her. She has never felt this close to any celebrity. She actually took pride in him. Last night she was telling her brother, "So Ishmeet wont come to our school audi anymore..."

Kiran-Yes, it is so hard for parents to deal with the death of a young, promising child. As mothers, we empathize with his mother, but she has to deal with it alone. May Waheguru give her strength.

Gurinderjit Singh said...

Montreal's Radio Humsafar just played his song on Maa (Mother) in a talk show. It is so painful to register the news. Don't know how many hearts like 'R' are in the state of shock. My heart says that Art-Money mix up is a big culprit and Bollywood has seen this before (Remember the young guys of 'Dosti'). His Parents have got a punishment for bringing up grooming a perfect youngman. A lot will be going thro' his parents mind...."Why did I send him to music teacher when he was a kid?"

maheshinder_singh said...

This is the most difficult post, ever posted by you, in which i am unable to react. Ishmeet was i wonder kid, he swept every one with him. i was literally schocked to know about his death. I am very sorry for his dad and i remember his dad comments about the finals that, ' ajj ishmeet he jiteee gaa, kaun ke ajj Gurpurb hai."( Today only Ishmeet will win because, today[finals] is Guru Nanak Dev Ji birthday). I feel sorry for him because on that day his(fathers) believe won Ishmeet the victory, but now God had his will. I am sorry for you(Ishmeets father), may you have the courage to face the realities of life.

Ridhima Mathur said...

No matter how murder theory of Ishmeet fares, no matter how many breakthrough you get in the case, no matter what will be the outcome.

Whatever it is, nothing can change the fact that Ishmeet is gone forever :(

Mampi said...

Guri-Perhaps you are right. But I hope it does not deter others from trying to attain perfection. WIse people say, that perfection is short lived. He was close to an ideal child-controlled, balanced, poised. It is so easy to lose one's head when one is famous. That is the one thing Ishmeet never did.

Mahesh-The heaviest burden is that of a young man's dead body on the shoulders of his father. It is so so hard to lose a well brought up child.

Ridhima-You are right. Whatever maybe the outcome of the enquiries, he is gone. Thanks for dropping by albeit it is a sad post you have visited. Keep coming.

Oreen said...

i never heard his music or knew about him either. may his music live forever... will listen to the link in your next post...

phatichar said...

I still remember seeing the last episode of VOI...and when Ishmeet sang that song from Saawariya, I knew who the winner was gonna be.

It's sad a life is snuffed out so young...

Mampi said...

Oreen-Sadly he didnt long enough to make a lot of music. There exist only 2 or 3 of his albums, the ones he could cut within a few months after November 2007 till now.

Sri-Wish he had been granted a few more years.

Anonymous said...

i was out of town when this shocking incident happened..its just so tragic and so unexpected..he could have done so much in his life.. reminds me of the time steve irwin passed away in one of the most unlikely situations.. i thot he too had so much to give to the world, so much to do and achieve..

my space said...

I feel really sad for your daughter..ishmeet was really good and I wondrerd why was he granted a state funeral..after reading your post can see that he was hugely popular there..May he rest in peace...

Mampi said...

Mandy-yeah you put it right, he went like Steve Irwin, in a totally unlikely situation.

MySpace-He was a talent cut short. Looking at his picture in my daughter's school magazine brings a lump to my throat.