Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ishmeet's Music

R wants me to put Ishmeet's music on her blog.


Monika said...

cho chweet so ur little one blogs too :) how old is she?

PS: u are tagged... check it out on my blog

Pinku said...

thats cute and a nice way to pay tribute.

Will go to check soon.

Anonymous said...

So soothing is the music!
Nice way to remember the Hero.

Thanks for posting the music on R's Blog.

God bless u !


Manasa said...

R is your daughter? Lovely drawings by her :)

Mampi said...

Monika-I have picked up the tag and will do it. SOmehow all the characters seem to have slipped away from me, despite the fact that I go on reading newer books everyday.

Pinku-Love you.

Mama-Yes, I was about to embed it in my blog, she said put it on mine. Didn't have the heart to say that she would be upset every time she heard it.

Manasa - Yes, she is my daughter. She loves to draw, paint, and everything good that she does, she says, "mama put it on my blog" as if mama is her secretary. Glad you liked it. I have conveyed it to her. Do go to her blog too and drop a comment. She would be flattered.

Anonymous said...

i think thats a really sweet gesture.