Sunday, February 01, 2015

when the phone splashed into the bucket !

It happened last weekend early morning when I was about to start the laundry. There was a bucket half full of warm soapy water in the bath tub. I know I should have left my cell phone on the reading desk, but I didn’t, and SPLASH ! it fell into the bucket before I could say Jack Nicholson. And along went my heart ! I quickly retrieved it (the phone) from the bucket – and guess what another smart thing I did? I kept it (the phone again, not the heart) under running tap water (cold, mind you) for fifteen seconds, to get rid of soapy water, and then shook it so that the water could be dislodged out of its speakers and the charger vents. My heart broke - again, again and again as the water droplets escaped the phone.
Cursing myself vehemently, and preparing from within for its demise, somehow it struck me to quickly sync it with the Macbook so that I don’t lose the data, contacts, photos and my apps. I mean imagine my genius and on-the-spot-solution-finding-capability. Thank you very much! The blasted phone took its time and I expected it to die quietly anytime. It didn’t.
The syncing done, I remembered the rice jar solution for wet phones. Just to remind you, that while I was busy handling this catastrophe all alone, the rest of the family was blissfully asleep. Placed the phone in the jar, and hid the jar inside the deep drawer of my desk lest someone should wake up and get curious about my precious phone ringing in a rice jar.
By now, I was mentally exhausted. Like the proverbial ostrich, I hid myself in the blanket, and slept while the rice presumably sucked away the dampness. After about an hour, I took the phone out from the auspicious grain jar. Aha, it was still breathing. The music, however, refused to play through the speakers. “Ey lo, it IS sinking, Mampi. Thank God you had the foresight to insure it against water damage.” Yes people, I had allowed myself to be talked into purchasing that insurance. I silently complimented myself - alone again, of course. A voice from inside said that I should tell everyone what has happened. Then thought the better of it because then they will all, in future, refuse to obey the rule that no one is allowed to take the phone to washroom. So I stayed mum. Meantime, I restarted the phone, and voila, the speakers boomed in all their glory.
It was last Friday morning. Friday is here again. The phone is still working.
Miracles happen!
Disclaimer : This post should, in no way, be considered a show off of my 64 GB Gold iPhone 6 that survived the dip in the holy laundry waters.

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