Sunday, October 12, 2008

Agar Isey Samajh Sako Mujhe bhi Samjhana

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Hehehehe, I know you are all cursing me. Actually I HAD to share it with you all. I received an email, not in spam but in my inbox and I opened it by mistake. Its subject line said 'Warum Vi.' I made all the same confused faces that you just did, and thought of bringing it to the wider world-view to ask you all if you can make any head or tail out of it. Not that it is a life or death issue, but please attempt to. Just for fun.


Life Begins said...

hahha...absolutely mind blowing :)
WEll it seems to be some kind of translation that someone tried to do using something like babelfish. I also get similar results sometimes when i try to translate dutch to english.

Manish Raj said...

Delete the mail :)

oceanic mirages said...

thank god i read the disclaimer else i would have sued you for writing this :-)
read rasans blog,just wanted to sat its wonderful to have a mom like you.

Hip Grandma said...

It was not meant to be understood.Just meant to confuse.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Kindly 'select' the message in the Inbox and then hit the 'Mark as Spam' or 'Report Spam' button, as the case may be.

Manasa said...

I directly read the last para in bold after the first para; didn't read the remaining... So i'm spared :D

Indian Home Maker said...

OMG :) I kept wondering what it was, some kind of test to see how smart we are!! Then thankfully read your comment at the bottom.
These mails keep offering me lucky prizs or find me the suitable heir for their vast fortunes...wonder what would happen if I replied and claimed my inheritance!

Anonymous said...

oh..and i read the first line and thought this lady is a!

Anonymous said...

For a moment i thought that you are a part of the Nigerian email scam ;)

Mampi said...

LifeBegins-Thanks, but the composer happens to be anonymous. I really wish I could convey the compliments to him/her.

Manish-Yes Sir. Already did.

OcMi-Hehehe. Court mein mulaqat hoti phir toh. I cannot thank you enough for going to her blog. She is one happy child because of you all.

HipGrandma-Yeah, totally Kannfused, thats what I was.

SS-What would I do without you? Your advice taken.

Manasa-You are bad. You ruined the very purpose of entire exercise.

IHM-Test for smartness, hehehe.It is not for that money thingy. It was perhaps meant to be an advt for something fishy and it turned out to be totally goobledegook.

Tulips-Genius, ho, ho, ho. Thanks anyways even for the illusion.

Philip-I tremble at the thought that you might have reported me to the Punjab Police.

Pinku said...


someone actually takes out time to write such profound thoughts?

reading was fun but my head is still reeling.

Monika said...

u confused me till the end :) :) do let us know if some genuis is able to figure out what it is

Anonymous said...

I thought my brain had gone on vacation! I am so relieved its still there with me

Imp's Mom said...

thank god i scrolled down to the last para :P u really had me there, with the first line, I thought my brain had gone for a vacation :P

Anonymous said...

The E-mail you got is written in Gibberish Language, which only the writer can understand, others should sleep keeping their arm on a pillow( a Panjabi phrase).

Nice sharing with your blog circle.

Keep it up!


DeeplyDip said...

You know this game where one is supposed to write a phrase (without seeing what the previous people have written)? So there are punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes, composition mistakes...sometimes it's a good laugh and sometimes it's gibbersih like this post :). Delete the email!

Vidya said...

Don't give up so fast.I am sure someone 'out' there is trying to reach out sending special encoded messages. The Messaging : Feast part might have a clue. Treat your friends ;)

Balvinder Singh said...

Now c'mon, there is a beautiful story hidden in the text there. Only you have to put the right words at the right place. (Lagey Raho Bloggers, Lagey Raho)

Mampi said...

Pinku-Yes, that is amazing. That such genii(!) exist.

Monika-No clue yet.

Ritu-You cannot afford a vacation, neither with nor without brain. Can you? With ur chotey chotey bachey...

Imp's Mom-Hehehe.

Mama-Yeah, main dil tey nahi laayee.

DeeplyDip-Deleted already. But yeah the game is a good idea actually. Lets play it sometime on blogworld.

Vidya-Yeah, thats what i wanted, to decode the msg. The email is perhaps from Mars, or better still, from Saturn.

Balvinder-Are you trying? Should we wait?

Gazal said...

was about to declare myself literarily insane

thank god you clarified