Monday, October 06, 2008

Jai's Worries-Yet Again

Jai one day discussed with his dad about how cars run. Then they talked about where people get petrol from. His dad told him that the petroleum is limited and that it might be finished one day. Now the little man is worried that the entire petroleum would be finished off the face of earth and we would be stranded in the middle of the road. I have been telling him that there can be an option of cars running on water, air pressure, nuclear energy, electricity etc. He wishes to know if someone has invented a way to run our car on anything except petrol/diesel.

Today, while I was going to drop them to school, he sat in the front seat-very serious, sombre and was in his thinking mode. Suddenly he checked the fuel indicator in the car and asked if we had enough diesel. Then in a totally matter-of-fact tone, he asked me, did someone invent/ discover something yesterday that could make this car run on anything except diesel/petrol. I did not know whether to smile or be worried at his worry.


Monika said...

U have an env conscious boy... way to go :):) though I am not sure his worry is for himself or the env... he he

BTW there is an electric car available down here in blore... not sure abt its availability up north though...

check out their site Reva

ANWESA said...

u shud b proud of ur boy!!

roop said...


I used to be so worried about oil too when younger and used to tell my ma to walk ... :D and that was when i was little. And so, I ended up marrying a geophysicist. Jai's future might have to do something with geophysics too. Y'never know! :D


Imp's Mom said...

Aww.. how young and so conscious of his environment.

Imp's Mom said...

btw tagged and awarded :)

Manasa said...

haha.. couldn't stop laughing reading this :D I guess, Jai has many such questions for which he's eagerly searching for answers from you :)

Gazal said...

the makings of a scientists' indeed....

i always feel more than brians.... inventors have a sensitive heart that wants to make difference to the world.

PARRY said...

Well is he a libran like me? :) He thinks a lot for sure. Why not show him an electric bike or car but anyway may be his worry may lead to some kind of invention in near future. A scientist in the making?? :)

Sidhusaaheb said...

It is good for a youngster to have an inquisitive mind.

Kudos to you and your husband for encouraging that!


Anonymous said...

Am banking on Jai to come out with something radical (clean energy) on which the future vehicles will run :)

Way to go. Its the right time to inculcate values, insights about environment and stuff into kids.

Mampi said...

Monika-Yes We had a Reva Showroom in our city. Not sure if it is there or not. I had told him about it.

Anwesa-Yes, yes I am.

Roop-Yes, I am counting on your influence on him. Or should I be preparing for a geophysicist daughter-in-law? Hehe. But yes, I m glad you started young, and he is starting young.

Imp's Mom-We have a lot to learn from them. Thanks for the award and tag will be done in due course. ;)

Manasa- :) I love to answer their questions.

Gaz-Yes, we got to feel before we do. I m glad these kids feel.

Parry-Haha, he is not a Libran. Others also think. Yes, I am planning a trip to a Hero bike shop to show him electric bikes.

SS-Will convey your compliment to the other half. He does more stuff with the little man.

Philip- :) I am also keeping my fingers crossed. But I am glad he thinks.

Pinku said...

Jai ho Jai ki, only he can come up with these brilliant thoughts. :)

By the way why not check out Reva on the net and show him, it runs on electricity.

I showed it to J and she was totally enthralled.

Indian Home Maker said...

Tell him about Rewa.
He is so sweet and sensitive :) Maybe you should also explain how there is no immediate danger of fuel finishing only we need to save when we can :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww. that is so sweet! I hope we get an alternative to petrol soon though

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged :)


Always let him to ask questions..
let him find his answers too..
always be with him even if he find or fail to find his answers..
my parents always loved me enough to allow me to have my quixotic trip..
though I became Don Quixote, i never lost my capacity to love.
Let him "see the world" with his own eyes..
hope you will love him enough to let him be himself..
take care...


Anonymous said...

Jai is right.Its the worry of all the people using vehicles.

Tell dear Jai that Mother Nature has much more in Her store for us, only some one is to Explore it.
We have plenty of SOLAR ENERGY which is yet to be used other than Vitamin -D.
There are cars,I have seen, running on Solar Energy(may be in a dream) with Chargers fitted on roofs of cars.
No worry,

Relax and enjoy the trips, from mornings till evenings daily.

My SHABAASH to JAI for his inquisitive mind.

God Bless You.


DeeplyDip said...

Jai sounds shoo cute!

Balvinder Singh said...

Manpreet, though you have titled your post as Jai's worries but i won't call them worries. i have read the earlier post on the same topic (thanks to the link you provided).

Let him worry and encourage him to find solutions too. That is exactly how some of the great inventions came into being.

His pic in the earlier post is very cute.

Salil said...

This is a good example of how sometime children can act more responsibly than grown-ups. If only grown-ups showed one-tenth of this concern for the non-renewable energy sources and the world would have been a better place.
My hi to Jai.

RiverSoul said...

What your boy has asked the world in his innocence, is actually a question thats gonna haunt every man worth his salt in a decade's time, if we continue to consume the fuel at the rate we now are.
You have a true environment caring child. Nurture his love for the env. Let him understand what it really means to be a nature lover.

Oreen said...

tell him abt the Reva, but I can't see a punjabi dead in a Reva...

they need Monteros :)

oceanic mirages said...

so so sorry for being such an irregular fool, missed ur blog so much...
give a big hug to jai. he is such a sweetheart. does he still keeps track of the content of sugar and salt in his food?

Mampi said...

Pinku-Yes, I have done it. But he doesnt seem to like the size. He found it cute though. I have seen it run on Jalandhar roads and liked it. That was a couple of years ago when it was launched.

IHM-Yes, I am doing it bit by bit. Mahesh has a better reputation of being serious in a man-to-man talk with him. I would entrust him to do this.

Ritu-Tag da masla hall kar ayee si main. Hopefully kids his age will grow up to find alternatives.

MIP-yes, we are trying our best to let them evolve as they are. To find their own answers and the questions too. Hopefully they will grow up to be good people.

Mama-Yes, Rasan has been designing such cars, on paper, in her drawings. Who knows it is my kids who will grow up to make some of these. ;)

DeeplyDip-Yes, he is. Thanks.

Balvinder-Yes, I try to let them find their own answers, but once the question is directed to me or Mahesh, we try to answer it as best as we can. His questions are now different, as are Rasan's. But I am also happy that they ask questions. You are right, maybe it is the fore-runner to some invention.

Salil-Your hi is conveyed. I value ur sentiments about the insensitivity of us adults towards energy conservation.

RiverSoul-yes, sometimes I wish we were all children to appreciate the little gifts of nature.

Oreen-Yes, We dont usually die in Revas. Tough skinned !!!

OcMi-I miss you here too. But I always know you would read me, whether you leave a comment or not. Comment from you is a bonus. Hug conveyed to Jai. No, he doesnt keep any track of his sugar and salt content anymore. But it is a phase, it will come again.

Anonymous said...

Jai is so smart! I hope we get more people like him.. and for all you know, we may be able to invent something like that pretty soon ;)

Anonymous said...

u have a cute kid!

its good to see that at least some kids are worried about natural resources!....i only wish more adults were as worried as him!